Steps To Forming A Successful House Cleaning Service

October 3, 2022

The demand for house cleaning services is enormous, and it keeps growing. There are about 140 million homes in the United States. Experts expect the house cleaning industry to reach $10 billion by 2026.

Step 1: A Business Plan For Your House Cleaning Business

A business plan will help you take care of the required business details and funding. It is an essential step for every business. 

Revisit your business plan regularly. A business plan is a living document that helps you move your business forward over time.  

  • Name And Register Your Business

Choose a name for your cleaning business and register it.

A business name makes your company seem more professional. Therefore, your business name should reflect your services and be easy to spell and pronounce.

Use words like “cleaning” or “maid” in your business name, and mix them with descriptive words to tell your customers about your business. If you have problems thinking of a name, use an online business name generator to assist you.

Registering your business is easy to do, but it is different in every state. Contact your state’s Secretary of State for more information.

  • Get Funding For Your House Cleaning Business

One of the great things about a house cleaning business is that it has a low entry barrier. So starting will not cost you much, but you will need at least some money. 

You will need a business plan to get funding from outside sources. You can also consider borrowing smaller amounts of money from family and friends if you cannot afford to finance your enterprise yourself. 

It is critical to have a budget, too. Make sure you have a method for keeping track of expenses and income, and seek the help of an accountant if you need to.

Step 2: Find The Right Insurance Company To Partner With

Getting insurance does not have to be complicated or cost you an arm and a leg. 

You can get fast and simple insurance coverage for your brand new cleaning business in just minutes online. Filing claims, getting insurance certificates, and making policy updates are easy to do online, too.

You will be required to provide worker’s compensation insurance if you have employees, but even if it is just you, it is a good idea to protect you and your business. For example, if you are injured and cannot work, your worker’s comp can help cover lost wages. 

You need worker’s comp insurance to avoid penalties and fines if you have employees. 

Bundle your worker’s comp with other policies to protect your business and save even more money. For example, you can include general liability, errors and omissions, and commercial liability insurance. 

Get a policy bundle that is tailored specifically for your business. Then, when you partner with the right insurance company, you will not pay extra for coverage you do not need.

Step 3: Implement A Safety And Health Plan For Your Cleaning Business

Before you even start, you can protect your business even further by creating and implementing a safety plan for your business. Your safety plan should include the following:

  • An evaluation of your specific business type
  • Written safety procedures
  • A training program,

Even if you are working alone, do not forget to train yourself! OSHA’s Cleaning Industry Safety and Health Programs page is an excellent place to start with your safety plan. It has all the resources you need to get started.

The right safety plan prevents accidents and keeps your insurance expenses low.

Step 4: Create A Digital Presence For Your Cleaning Business

In today’s marketplace, people find most of their information online. Make a website or have a tech-savvy friend help you make one. All you need is a simple page or two to explain your business and show people that you are legitimate. 

Use social media for marketing your business. For example, create a Facebook page and an Instagram profile for your business and use them to post about various cleaning topics. The word about your cleaning business will spread if you post regularly and engage with customers.

Advertising money can help grow your business, but only if you use it correctly. For example, Facebook ads work well for local companies.

Step 5: Find Clients For Your House Cleaning Business

Finding clients for your house cleaning business will be easier than you think because there is a lot of demand for house cleaning services. 

If you announce your services on a local Facebook group and put up some flyers, you will be able to find some clients right away. You can also ask friends and family to spread the word and make referrals for you.

Research other companies to ensure your pricing is competitive, and start putting the word out in your community. 

Once you have a couple of clients, ask them to send you a written testimonial that you can use on your website. You can even ask them to post on Facebook and tag you. 

Your Cleaning Business Is Up And Running

Starting a house cleaning business is that simple. The hard part is cleaning houses!

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