What Is The Importance Of Meditation Cushion?

October 3, 2022

Being able to meditate regularly through the use of a mediation cushion, also known as a zafu or kapok is an integral part of Zen Buddhist practice. When mediators’ sit on a meditation cushion, they are able to maintain correct posture without needing to adjust their body.

This makes it easier to sit in meditation for extended periods of time and it allows for slow deep breathing that is healthier for the lungs. Meditation cushions should not be confused with bean bags or pillows.

Points one should know

  1. Meditation is a skill that requires training and practice. Once you purchase a meditation cushion, it can make meditation significantly easier for you. If you are not yet able to sit meditate every day, this will enable you to have longer periods of time where you can focus on your breathing and clearing your mind.

  2. Coussin de meditation helps increase circulation in the body. The cushion is filled with small beads that provide support for the body’s weight and distribute the stress throughout the whole body, while still being light enough to hold on to during meditation sessions.

  3. Meditation cushions allow for more comfortable sitting postures during meditation that are not possible with bare feet or simply sitting in a chair without anything under them.

  4. Meditation cushions allow you to sit and meditate in a posture that is most suitable for your body rather than being forced into a sitting position or bunching your body up in a way that is not comfortable.

  5. Meditation cushions can prevent injuries from occurring due to poor posture. These meditation cushions help maintain correct posture by supporting the practitioner’s weight and by distributing the pressure evenly throughout their entire body.

What makes you use meditation cushion?

Meditation cushion can improve the quality of your meditation because it prevents your body from getting in the way of your mind during meditation sessions. You will be able to sit still for a longer amount of time without having to get up to adjust or stretch yourself.

Meditation cushions can improve the health of you and your spine by helping you maintain correct posture during meditation sessions. This is important since incorrect posture can lead to health problems and spinal injuries as you get older, especially if you are practicing meditation daily.


Meditation cushion is a type of cushion that can be used for meditation, acupuncture, massage and other kinds of physical therapy. Meditation cushions are a very important part of people’s lives that practice Zen Buddhism.

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