Beverly Hills Executive Protection Services Expanded by USPA

October 24, 2022

Previously reserved for American Express Black Card holders, USPA Nationwide Security has expanded their specialized close protection service to include high-net-worth individuals and celebrities residing in Beverly Hills.

According to USPA Nationwide Security, they have expanded their Titanium Service in Beverly Hills, a concierge-style service for celebrities and high net worth individuals. Before the Titanium service line was launched to the public, USPA established teams of highly trained personnel to respond to last-minute concierge calls from Centurion cardholders, commonly referred to as “Black Card” holders.

Military veterans protecting celebrities in Beverly Hills

With its conglomerate of military veterans who have transitioned to civilian protection teams across the globe, USPA’s Titanium Service has been protecting high-net-worth individuals for years, but I am fairly certain that most people have never heard of it. A-list resorts, such as Eden Rock in St. Barts, Villa D’Este in Lake Como, Italy, or Velassaru Maldives, likely feature members of USPA’s Titanium Service. This highly subtle team is capable of both providing effective protection and remaining invisible to the untrained eye. This is thanks to its security advance, counterattack, and countersurveillance teams, as well as its leads and escort teams, security drivers, and medics.

VIP and high-net-worth individuals’ risk mitigation

Because of their status and wealth, public figures are exposed to an increased level of personal risk. Rapper PnB Rock was killed during a robbery just last month. The Titanium Program Administrator for USPA, Brian Fitzgibbons, stated, “Our Titanium service, like our executive protection division, performs strategic risk assessment and advanced planning for our celebrity clients long before they arrive at events or even for a last-minute dinner.” “Off-the-record movements require a preliminary check and the placement of a static surveillance operator before our principal (protected person) arrives.” Off-the-record movements are last-minute stops that team members make outside of the route as planned. It is common for celebrity clients, especially younger pop stars, to change their plans several times a day. All operations are monitored and overseen by a 24-hour command center located in Manhattan. Drones often hover over areas where Titanium teams operate, capturing live video feeds and relaying them to the command center.

Celebrities and cyber risk

Security management involves mitigating risk for VIPs and other high-profile individuals. Cyber criminals frequently target individuals of this type. Data leaks, privacy violations, and internet security breaches are particularly prevalent among them. As a result of these incidents, a company’s reputation may be tarnished or an individual’s safety may be compromised. USPA’s cyber security service handles these types of situations for celebrities since 2005.

Overview of USPA Nationwide Security

The US Protection Agency (USPA) is an international executive protection agency. Providing close protection officers and armed security to high-net-worth individuals in Beverly Hills. Furthermore, the firm provides traditional security guard services as well as fire watch guards throughout the majority of major cities in North America.


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