Can CBD for dogs bring relief to senior dogs?

October 25, 2022

Canine remains one of the family members, and pet parents are ready to do anything to see them happy and live healthy life. As they age, it is heartbroken to see that their pups start to slow down even though they cannot communicate by words, by the signs of experiencing their illness in their olden ages.


Using CBD brings healing to so many health problems. Did you know that CBD for dogs is available, which offers incredible health benefits? It is helpful for furry friends in old age. In this article, we will explore the various relief from symptoms of diseases in dogs by administering cannabidiol may make the feelings of wellness longer.


What is cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the active ingredients or cannabinoids in the hemp and marijuana plants. It is derived from hemp plants and is used as a supplement by pet owners as it contains less THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It acts on the body by interacting with the receptors in the brain and immune systems. THC is a psychoactive compound that causes high sensation seen in marijuana plants.


Can CBD bring relief to senior dogs?

CBD has the properties of anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. They are also used to treat various health ailments in dogs. Pet owners claim cannabinoids are effective in health issues but only have mild side effects. Senior dogs treated with prescribed medication for chronic pain experience adverse effects and cannot tolerate that medicine.


The supplements showed promising improvement in mobility, appetite, chronic pain, heart or kidney failure, cognitive dysfunction, anxiety, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. To know whether CBD brings relief to common health conditions of older dogs and how cannabidiol effectively relieves all the discomfort of your four-legged friends are as follows:



  1. Management of pain

Pain may be a common symptom seen in senior dogs, which may be due to arthritis of the hips, shoulder, knees, elbows, and lower back pain. Cannabidiol is a therapeutic remedy for dogs to reduce pain and discomfort by preventing inflammation. A research study conducted on rats, which have been suffering from arthritis, found that about 62.3 mg of CBD administered experienced relief from joint pain and swelling.


  1. Improved mobility

You can notice changes in the movement of dogs as they age. It may be due to the severe condition of arthritis or damage in their joints. 2 mg of cannabidiol intake twice a day can significantly reduce the pain and increase mobility during osteoarthritis. Effectively reduces chronic pain, and helps in the mobility of the elder dog, then it will be playful and active.

CBD gives healthy joints and bones. As the dog’s age, they will be affected by joint and bone problems. It will cause chronic pain and stiffness, and they cannot move. Intake of the cannabis product relieves joint stiffness and inflammation, which makes them move quickly.


  1. Increases appetite

Food and nutrition are essential to healthy living in the later years of a dog’s life. There is a relationship between CBD and appetite in four-legged friends. Numerous studies suggest that the intake of cannabinoids increases appetite in humans. CBD may increase appetite in senior dogs and provide the required nutrients to them.


  1. Relief of anxiety

It is essential to manage the stress and anxiety of a dog’s later life. There will be some behavioral changes in the aging life. CBD supports the dogs in a balanced and relaxed state and keeps them calm and peaceful. Reduction of tension and anxiety by cannabidiol. These herbs may relieve the anxious behavior of your pet from panting or pacing.


  1. Supports quality sleep

The aged dog will have a hard time sleeping. Sleep is essential to maintain overall wellness and health for humans and animals. When the senior dog is given cannabidiol, it can sleep healthily and wake up refreshed with more energy—all the benefits of the plants with good quality of life for the dogs.


  1. Treats urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a problem faced by aged animals, which is the involuntary loss of bladder control. The severity of the condition ranges from a small leak to more significant releases of urine. Your dogs will not notice this condition. Incontinence is a condition through spinal cord injuries, imbalance in hormonal levels, prostate disorders, medications, and urinary stones.


Before giving, it is necessary to diagnose the cause of the incontinence. It may be due to bacterial infection also. CBD holds many beneficial effects on incontinence conditions. But you should use it only in low doses; higher doses will cause the worst incontinence episode.


  1. Reduces gastrointestinal distress

Not only CBD helps in appetite, but it improves digestion and reduces gastrointestinal problems. A mental shock mainly causes these issues in senior dogs, which impairs the immune system. You can manage it by maintaining the correct acidic level and controlling bacterial growth. That may reduce inflammation and offer healthy digestion. According to the research, CB 1 receptors are activated by cannabinoid receptors and induce several physiological responses, which reduce gastrointestinal distress.


Any harmful effects of these supplements on dogs?

Like humans, dogs have cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. But both of them react differently to the receptors. In dogs, numerous receptors are more sensitive to THC. Pets ingest marijuana accidentally and get toxic. The warning signs are depression, stumbling, lethargy, etc., but the symptoms last for 18 to 36 hours.


How to choose CBD products for pets?

Increased CBD companies resulted in the gaining popularity of cannabidiol. Different products, such as capsules, oils, treats, etc., are sold. Before administering cannabis products to your dog, it is best to consult your veterinarian first, specifically if your pet is on medication for any health conditions.


FDA classified cannabidiol as a supplement rather than mentioning it as a drug. FDA maintains the quality of medicines by determining the absence of contaminants, verifying their advertised ingredients and strength are present in the final products, etc. Supplements are not under the regulation of the FDA like drugs. There will be a chance for contaminants to be checked by the pet owners.


Always buy high-quality CBD supplements with full spectrum CBD. Hemp acts as a bioaccumulator, which absorbs substances in the environment. It confirms that dogs do not receive any harmful substances. So you have to select the USDA-certified organic CBD product, which is free from herbicides, or pesticides. Buy products specifically designed for animals, not humans, because the products made for humans may have additional flavorings or THC that are dangerous to dogs.



Hemp products for pets are gaining popularity all over the world. Cannabis-based treats and supplements act as a lifesaver to many senior dogs. CBD is a natural herb found to be a safe, non-psychoactive, and reliable substance. Many positive reviews about cannabinoids are there, which helped the old dogs combat the symptoms of aging.

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