Appliances That Are Most Likely To Break

October 26, 2022

Nothing can hurt our financial situation more than an unforeseen expenditure. It might be upsetting to watch our hard-earned money go into repair rather than pleasure or enjoyment when one of our household appliances breaks down. 

But on the other hand, the tasks that our home appliances perform for us are a major factor in why we have the time for that enjoyment. Dishwashers, fridges, and freezers protect us from having to, uh, search and scavenge for food on a regular basis. Washing machines and tumble dryers spare us from having to meticulously wash and dry garments. 

Okay, so the last one might have been a little dramatic. However, the point we are making is that household appliances are crucial. Therefore, when one malfunctions, we must fix it as quickly as feasible. As a result, it might be useful to be aware of what to anticipate in terms of the dependability of your household appliances

Most Trustworthy: Hobs

Given how costly hobs can be, it is comforting to know that there will not be many issues in the years that follow. Even the issues that arise throughout this procedure are small; they frequently merely call for routine maintenance and inexpensive repair components.

Possibly requiring repairs after:

  • Year 3: 8%
  • Year 5: 10%
  • Year 10: 12%

Less Trustworthy: Cookers

Cookers are far less dependable than hobs, in stark contrast to their “cousins” in the kitchen. Range cookers, in particular, have a reputation for being less dependable than freestanding cookers, but both ranked last and second worst in Whichresearch ?’s poll. Most consumers will be surprised by this since they anticipate their cookers to be more dependable than this—likely as a result of their high price tags. Curiously, built-in ovens were discovered to be more dependable than both.

Possibly requiring repairs after:

  • (Freestanding) Year 3: 25%
  • (Freestanding) Year 5: 31%
  • (Freestanding) Year 10: 35%
  • (Range) Year 3: 29%
  • (Range) Year 5: 37%
  • (Range) Year 10: 42%
  • (Built-in Ovens) Year 3: 17%
  • (Built-in Ovens) Year 5: 23%
  • (Built-in Ovens) Year 10: 26%

Second For Dependability: Washers And Dryers

Hobs and washing machines are tied for the title of most dependable household equipment. Due to the great dependability of specific brands of washing machines and tumble dryers, this is not surprising. It discovered through its investigation that one manufacturer had an overall washing machine dependability rating of 94%. 

A helpful reminder to thoroughly investigate a selected washing machine model before purchasing it is that the washing machine manufacturer with the poorest statistics had one-third of their machines go defective after 10 years. Washer-dryers, on the other hand, was surprisingly less dependable than both, which may have something to do with the fact that there are more operating parts.

Possibly requiring repairs after:

  • (Washing Machines) Year 3: 10%
  • Washing machines in Year 5: 12%
  • Washing machines in Year 10: 14%
  • (Tumble Dryers) Year 3: 9%
  • Tumble dryers in Year 5: 12%
  • Tumble Dryers in Year 10: 14%
  • (Washer-Dryers) Year 3: 16%
  • Year 5: 20% (Washers and Dryers)
  • 10th grade (washers and dryers): 24%

Middle-Of-The-Road: Dishwashers

Dishwashers might have a variety of issues, but when they are dependable, they can operate without issues for a considerable amount of time. According to the poll, the majority of dishwashing issues tend to occur within the first few years, which the statistics seem to support. Your dishwasher will probably function normally for the remainder of its anticipated lifespan if it can get beyond this stage.

Possibly requiring repairs after:

  • Year 3: 12%
  • Year 5: 16%
  • Year 10: 18%

Low Mileage: Freezers And Refrigerators

We now move on to refrigerators and freezers. or refrigerator-freezers. Interestingly, out of the three appliances, freezers are the most dependable, followed by refrigerators and fridge-freezers, which are the least dependable after freestanding and range cookers. Fridge freezers, like washer-dryers, may be less dependable due to having more moving parts than their single-part counterparts.

Possibly requiring repairs after:

  • Freezers: Year 3: 14%
  • Year 5: 17% (Freezers)
  • Freezers: Year 10: 19%
  • Refrigerators, Year 3: 18%
  • Refrigerators: Year 5: 23%
  • Refrigerators: Year 10: 26%
  • (Fridge-freezers) Year 3: 22%
  • (Fridge-freezers) Year 5: 26%
  • Refrigerators: Year 10: 29%

How To Choose A Reliable Appliance Repairman

When your appliance needs repair, the caliber of your repairman will decide how long it will be until it develops a new issue. We provide all appliance repairs in Texas locations of Asurion appliance repair. So, if your appliance develops a problem, contact us to fix it free of charge.

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