Creative Ideas to Decorate your Room

November 2, 2022


Any decor elevates the beauty of a room. Whether it is a luxurious expensive tapestry or handmade wall art, it serves the main purpose or an artwork – amuses, diversifies the space, and adds color. Nowadays, there are thousands of cool decorative solutions – for any house, any style, and taste. How not to get lost in this abundance? How one can choose an addition that highlights your interior, not drags it down? In this article, we are going to show you some examples of how you can transform your interior – quickly and effortlessly. The home styling process is about to be thrilling, not stressful.

Gallery Wall / Statement Art

Canvas wall art or a print is always a win decorative solution. No matter how large or small your room is, no matter what style of interior you have. There are so many different print designs that you could choose to match your interior and reflect your personality.

A gallery wall is simply a composition made of several prints. These could be of different shapes and themes, though they have to be united by something color – idea, vibe, or color scheme. As for the themes, you can choose minimalist or abstract artworks to complement your living room; or landscapes to create a classic look in a bedroom. Today, the most popular themes are cityscapes, landscape, and abstract art. Among the landscapes and nature, sunflowers seem to be the most vibrant and radiant. Energizing yellow color is able to create a harmonically balanced space if you pick it as the center of your arrangement. You can check a dozen of cool canvases here.

As for the statement art, you can use your creative ideas and implement whatever you like in your interior. Look for a wall decoration that is bold, one-of-a-kind, and creative. Once you hang a huge abstract piece which catches the attention of your guests, you would see the impact and effect it makes on you.

Low on Budget? Try DIY

There are a bunch of cool and inspiring DIY projects you can try if you want to decorate your place on a budget.

Washi tape walls are easy to make and it looks cool. Perfect for a bedroom or playroom. It adds texture and dimension.

Hanging vases of flowers – put flowers into glass cups or small vases and create a creative composition.

Macrame decor – fun to make and gain new skills. Look for local stores that have a starter kit with all the necessary tools.

Origami. If you are good at making figures from paper, you can display them on your wall. Simple, minimalistic, and fresh.

Vinyl records may come in handy – display on a wall of your retro or contemporary apartment to make an accent.

Dried flower hanger – a beautiful piece that will brighten your interior and bring spring vibes.

Do not Forget about Ceiling

The ceiling is often white. Of course, if we take the main interior design principles, we may remember that the floor should be darker and the ceiling is lighter – this is the imitation of the ground and sky. Such a scheme is considered to be balanced and calming. But why can’t we break a rule? If your ceiling is high, you can paint its dark tones, and wallpaper it with some unusual pattern. But if your walls are not tall enough, such a change could seem a little bit off – dark color visually makes a room seem lower.

Good Old Paneling

Paneling is not new. But with a bit of creativity and hard work, you could transform a boring paneling into an accent wall. This could be a black wall in a bedroom that creates a moody vibe, or a turquoise wall in a living room that adds playfulness and brightness.

Headboard in Bedroom

In a classic house, a headboard is neutral-colored. It is okay if you like it that way, but adding a bit of color to the headboard is able to refresh the whole space. Introduce some daring patterns – abstract, floral, or geometric, and you will feel the instant change. The vibrant color of a headboard looks incredible on a neutral wall. Do not be afraid of color!

If you do not have a headboard, you can fake it with the help of paint. This is a cheap trick that adds interest to your room. You can also use art as a headboard: it would be a nice focal point.

Go for Plants

Houseplants work magic. This is a perfect way to bring in the outside, refresh your interior and add some color. The oversized plant is a great solution for a spacious room, bedroom, or living room. Plants with large leaves add a peaceful tone and create harmony and zen. You can pick a cool pot to match your interior style.

You can also think of creating a wall of flowers. There are some low-maintenance plants you can keep on the shelves of your living room. Build some shelves and add the greenery.

Unique Mural

A mural looks impressive, it adds a burst of color and creates a wow effect. There are two options you can choose from. Firing an artist to get an artistic work, made just for you or buy a peel-and-stick pattern from any shop. The first option is great when you are certain about the theme and like to keep things for quite a long time. The second option is good, as it is cheaper, does not require special skills and you can change the theme anytime replacing it with a new sticker.

Do Not Forget about Textile

Rugs add texture and visual warmth to the space. Having a rug in a bedroom or a living room is able to transform it into a cozy and welcoming place to spend your time. Without textile, it is impossible to imagine any room – it appears to be cold and uninviting. Opt for rugs, quality curtains, blankets and pillows with a pattern that matches your interior.

Be open to new ideas, do not be afraid of experiments and you are sure to find what suits your space best.

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