8 Tips On Choosing The Right Hijab For All Skin Tones

November 8, 2022

Each and every person has different skin tones that mesh well with colors that suit them. Skin tones can range from wheatish to lighter depending on whether the undertone of your skin is warm, cool, or neutral. And hijabs just add to the beauty of who you are. Just imagine how stunning you would look wearing a hijab that enhanced your beauty rather than diminished it. We all know how disappointed we get when we buy a beautiful hijab ornated with glorious colors only to know that it doesn’t suit us at all. To help you choose a luxury hijab, we have curated some tips for you to go through and better understand your skin tone and what suits it best. Below are some tips we have provided on how to choose the right hijab for your skin tone that is bound to look great on you and will help bring out your innate glow! You can also check out this site to get yourself a luxury hijab online.

8 Tips On Choosing The Right Hijab For All Skin Tones

Before we proceed with what is best for which kinds of skin tones, you should be aware of what kind of skin tone you have in the first place! Skin tone is divided into four variants, which are: light, fair, medium, and deep (dark). This covers its subtypes, which we will cover under the tips ranging from fair to pale to wheatish to dark.

1. Hijab for Light skin tone

It is not proper to believe that all colors suit light skin tones, as some definitely do have the capacity to give you a washed-down look if you have the above-mentioned skin tone. Pastel colors look best on this skin tone, with rich colors like green, red, blue, and violet. Avoid colors like beige and similar shades to it to save the healthy glow of your face.

2. Hijab for Medium skin tone

Medium skin tones favor the glow of many colors and can even be experimented with in their mix-up! Colors like beige, taupe, pink, olive green, teal, and red enhance the glow of people with a medium skin tone. It would do them best to stay away from light pastel colors, as they can diminish their glow.

3. Hijab for Dark/Deep skin tone

You’ve won the favor of colors in general if you’ve got a dark skin tone. Regardless of what color you choose, you are going to be rocking that hijab. Except for bright white tones, you have literally every color going on for you even the off-whites!

4. Hijab for Pale skin tone

No whites for this one, as it will do your skin tone no good. But this skin tone can pull off some pretty distinctive looks with darker shades of purple, blue, and red.

5. Hijab for Neutral skin tone

Peeps with this skin tone have to stay away from bright colors in general. You can go for shades of gray, taupe, or off-white. Colors that don’t fall in the extremes of either being too bright or too dark are the best to make space for in your closet.

6. Hijab for Wheatish skin tone

The wonders bold colors add to the wheatish skin tone are glorious. Don’t shy away from going for shades of cobalt blue, magenta, orange, golden, and gray which will enhance the richness of your look as well as your personality.

7. Hijab for Brown skin tones

Warm colors like dark green, red, purple, and shades thereof complement brown skin the best. Shy away from colors such as brown and black as they can give a pale finish, which will only make you look like your glow has been sucked in. Bright colors like yellow, pink, and green should be avoided as well.

8. Hijab for Olive skin tones

Almost all colors suit this skin tone. Especially shades of purple, maroon, burgundy, and dark brown really add to your look. If you have an olive skin tone, you should not go for pastels and shades of green, as they will only highlight the green of your skin tone.


These are really some simple pointers that will assist you in selecting a hijab that goes with your skin tone. After all, choosing a hijab shade that complements your skin tone will make you look and feel stunning. We have to add, though, that regardless of your skin tone, it’s imperative that you feel beautiful when wearing whichever color or hue of hijab you choose. To find your perfect luxury hijab online, you should check out the variety of hijabs over here at  Silqrose




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