What Are Tiny Tree Houses?

November 24, 2022

Plants in the garden or backyard of our homes make us feel closer to nature. It provides us comfort and tranquility by just looking at them. Some homeowners are lucky to have space to plant and build treehouses.

As we all know, a treehouse is a structure made from wood placed on the sturdiest branches of trees. If you do not have a wide front or backyard, you might find tiny tree houses a great alternative. Tiny tree houses are built specifically for small indoor or outdoor plants. These small wood decorations can also be good ornaments to make your garden more aesthetic.

How Do You Define a Tiny Treehouse 

Tiny treehouses are easy to distinguish. A home for plants. This ornament is pleasing to the eye, brings out your inner child, and serves as an organizer for your plants.

Reasons To Buy Tiny Tree Houses

Tiny tree houses bring back nostalgic memories and adventures with family and friends. This beautiful craft enhances the appearance of your lovely plants. Here are three reasons tiny tree houses add elegance to your greenery: 

1. New And Interesting Hobby

Tiny houses can also be your new pursuit of happiness since these are also sold in do-it-yourself (DIY) craft kits that are easy and will keep you preoccupied. These small but sturdy treehouses give out a positive vibe to your garden.

2. Makes Plants More Pleasing 

Just like decorating the interiors of your home, you can make your plants more stylish and attractive by organizing them. Before putting your plants in these tiny treehouses, remove all dried leaves from the plant pots and clean the floor before decorating them. You can even place lights if you want to be extra.

3. Perfect for Plant Lovers

Tiny treehouses are perfect for plant enthusiasts. Plant lovers will enjoy adding accessories and organizing plants in these mini treehouses. 

Keep Your Tiny Tree House Safe

If you have bought tiny tree houses but are afraid of putting them outdoors, these tips are for you.

Remember that too much exposure to rain and extreme humidity will damage the tiny tree houses over time and cannot be treated. Make them more weather-resistant by using a weatherproof crystal clear outdoor varnish and a stick to use for stirring. You will apply it to the tiny treehouse to make it resistant to moisture.

Another is a disposable cup to mix the varnish, disposable gloves for protection, and disposable metal or plastic tray to collect the excess poured varnish. To protect the floor, you will also need masking tapes, tissues, and old newspapers.

Meanwhile, to make your tiny treehouse dry after the process, put it in a separate area. Use a stick that measures around 50cm, a thread, and large plastic bottles with water to make them more stable. Tape to hang the item and do it successfully.

Get Your Mini Tree House Now

Don’t let your plants look dull. Decorate them with some elements and place them in your newly bought tiny houses. If you are considered a plant geek, you will love these miniature tree houses because they give an edge to your garden and make you stand out in the neighborhood.






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