How To Choose The Best Muay Thai Gloves For You

November 24, 2022

One of the most crucial decisions you will need to make when putting the final adjustments to your training equipment is choosing the appropriate Muay Thai gloves. Cheap gloves may quickly lose shape and provide little to no hand protection. A pair of high-quality gloves will last you for years while preventing any injuries to your hands.

The ideal Muay Thai gloves will rely on a few factors, so what works for one fighter might only work for all. To help you succeed in the ring, you need well-made and comfortable gloves that fit your hands perfectly. Here are a few tips for new Nak Muays wanting to purchase their first Muay Thai gloves online:

Factors To Consider In Buying Muay Thai Gloves

1. Quality

To effectively protect your hands, double-layer cushioning is necessary. Cheaper gloves might only contain two layers of protecting foam, whereas higher-quality gloves might have three or more.

2. Price

Spending more bucks on better gloves is better than regretting buying low-quality ones. A decent pair of Muay Thai gloves should be more comfortable and provide stronger wrist and knuckle protection.

3. Gloves Should Secure Thumbs

Look for gloves that prioritize comfort to reduce the possibility of Bennett’s fracture. Also, avoid purchasing open-thumb gloves because it is not suited for Muay Thai.

4. Gloves Should Be Secure Around The Wrist

Gloves should be snug without obstructing blood flow and provide additional room for hand wraps. A wrist sprain can restrict you from exercising for months and is quite unpleasant.

The Best You Can Get

If you’ve tried looking for a pair of muay thai gloves online, you know how difficult the search can be. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can’t guarantee the quality. So, here are our top 3 Muay Thai glove recommendations for newbies, budget shoppers, and those who simply want the best.

1.  Twins Special BGVL-3

These are the top-of-the-line gloves that Muay Thai boxers adore. Twins Special is one of the greatest sports brands. These gloves have extra hand padding for training on heavy bags or sparring partners. These are made of 100% leather gloves and contain breathable air holes in your palm.

2. Fairtex BGV1

Fairtex’s best-selling boxing gloves are the BGV1 Muay Thai boxing gloves. These boxing gloves will enable you to advance your training since they have all the features of much more expensive models at a much lower cost. Gloves like these are guaranteed to fit tight yet comfortably on the hands. 

The Fairtex gloves are made of leather and equipped with a three-layered foam, carefully designed to provide the utmost ease.

3. Fairtex BGV14

These elegant, simple microfibre Fairtex gloves are manufactured in Thailand. They include an extended cuff that makes them easier to wear and secure on hands. They also have additional layers of padding on the palm region to ensure optimal comfort and safety.

Muay Thai Gloves Should Fit You Perfectly

In contrast to other sports where a glove’s primary function is protection, Muay Thai gloves have far more functions. Proper padding protects you from injury and allows you to powerfully grip and accurately maneuver, so there’s more to them than meets the eye. The appropriate set of gloves can help you advance in your Muay Thai training regardless of where your skills are. 


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