Discover the Best Places on the Adriatic Coast to Settle Down

December 12, 2022


One of the most beautiful coasts on the Old Continent and surely one of the most attractive on the planet is the Adriatic Sea coastline. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and numerous sandstone cliffs overlooking the coastal medieval towns and the sea, the Adriatic coastline is famous for its centuries of history, amazing beaches, hundreds of enchanting islands, and abundance of sun. So it is no wonder why this coast is a dream come true for most people who want to settle down by the sea, enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate, lead a healthy and easy-going lifestyle, and eat delicious food. Therefore, we suggest you discover some of the best places on the Adriatic coast where you can spend the rest of your life.

Izola, Slovenia

If you are an adventure lover, Izola definitely isn’t the place where you wish to settle down and spend the rest of your life. On the contrary, Izola is a peaceful small coastal town in Slovenia that has grown on a former island and maintains the bond between the sea and the people, even nowadays. It is a quiet but vivid town whose streets invite you to walk along or take part in some of the many interesting activities on the beaches. For example, take a long walk to Strunjan Cliff to enjoy calmness and nature. Besides, Strunjan Cliff is famous for its green hinterland, olives, and delicious grapes. Also, enjoy the view of Izola’s colorful little houses of the old town as well as a marina. Since this soothing Adriatic coastal town is an ideal place for a family vacation, it is also the perfect place to live, while you go for a long walk on the coast every day.

Budva, Montenegro

In the past, Budva was a quiet and small coastal town, but nowadays it is a metropolis of Montenegrin coastal tourism. This city is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is an ideal place to live for nightlife lovers. Famous for its new buildings, luxurious yachts, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, every season, Budva attracts thousands of tourists worldwide and many of them say that they wish to spend the rest of their life in this colorful city. Besides, Budva also has “its own Hawaii” – an island opposite the city with stunning beaches, delicious Mediterranean seafood dishes, and a variety of ice-cold refreshments. We must notice that Riviera and Jaz beach have become meeting places for the rich and famous. To sights lovers, Budva offers a lovely Old Town surrounded by walls from the 15th century, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with numerous significant cultural institutions, cobbled paths, and charming Venetian walls. There is also the famous Citadela and the popular museum and Gallery of Modern Art, which are ideal places to learn about the history of this area. Those that are looking for a more laid back place on the Budva Riviera can visit Bečići, which offers a stunning sandy beach. So this beautiful Mediterranean place has something for everyone, therefore, don’t hesitate to find a perfect property in Budva and settle down in this amazing city.’


Trogir, Croatia

For everyone who wants to live in one of the most enchanting towns on the Adriatic Sea, Trogir is really the exquisite choice. This town was for years one of the best-kept secrets of Croatia. But in recent years, the media has been writing about it in superlatives without exception. Trogir is a Romanesque-Gothic town that was founded in the third century BC by Greek colonists and since then many interesting stories have been written about this old coastal town.Every narrow cobbled street of Trogir looks like a painting masterpiece, every corner seems like a portal to old times, and Blue Lagoon with its stunning 50 shades of blue will enchant you. The nature around Trogir and its old sites will attract you at the first sight, so you’ll probably wish to stay here forever.

The decision to settle down on the Adriatic coastline and discover its beautiful old towns, historical sites, beaches, and nature is the best thing you can do, especially if you enjoy delicious Mediterranean food, good wine, and fresh air. There is no doubt that you will be enchanted by this amazing European coastline and create numerous

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