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December 21, 2022
Azhen Sanctuary

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National Grid is referred to as the connected system providing power. Staying off-grid means being disconnected from the national power supply. It means surviving on natural resources. Many sanctuaries like the Azhen Sanctuary, a 160-acre off-grid land, help people to be self-sufficient. From offering education courses to workshops, etc.

The TikTok videos promote the different opportunities offered by off-grid land and sanctuaries. You can learn how to grow food, build a retreat center, and learn about an incinerator by watching TikTok videos. This style of living attracts a significant group of people.

There are different goals associated with the property. From the holistic management of land to the Cryptocurrency vision, it is more exciting than it sounds. Please keep reading to learn more about off-grid lands like the Azhen Sanctuary and what it offers.

Permaculture: An approach to Land Management

Permaculture is a holistic approach to managing land. It can turn deserts into an oasis and infuse new life into lands. The idea is to give more and take less from the environment. The plan is massive, from a network of ponds holding 100 million litres of water to growing stone fruits.

The ponds will also be capable of providing more pressure than a fire hydrant to defend from the wildfire. You can attend several workshops organized on holistic management. Later, implement these techniques for your home or farm when living off-grid.

Role of Crypto in the Off-grid Sanctuary

Opting for traditional sustainability methods does not necessarily mean disconnecting from new technology. The sanctuary is looking forward to the trial and error method to learn and grow. The idea of accepting Crypto is itself a revolutionary approach by the off-grid sanctuary. One can do much, from making donations to purchasing via digital currency.

Participate in Events and Workshops

Did you know you could also participate in the different workshops organized by the community? There are many options, from learning how to live off-grid to attending a permaculture workshop. Participating in a Drum Retreat will help you connect with nature, listen to stories of wisdom, and spend quality time. How about getting a hydrotherapy spa? Well, you can get that too. You can also join the log-building workshop and learn about making a meditation studio.

Why is Off-grid Living Inspiring?

The idea of promoting indigenous culture and living is itself inspiring. Several people find a disconnection in their culture. People created the off-grid sanctuary to make indigenous events more accessible. While some see these events as controversial, others tend to be a part of deeper conversations.

Living off-grid can have different meanings attached to it. While for some, it works as an escape from the modern stressed world, others consider it a way of returning to nature. The purpose is to attain freedom sustainably. It can have several benefits like boosting your mental health, being helpful to the environment, improving physical health, and helping to become free.

Final Thoughts

The version of off-grid might differ from one community to another. It is about living comfortably and knowing the world around you better. The off-grid lifestyle is growing more than ever. The viral TikTok videos prove that the ideas are being appreciated and shared.

The off-grid sanctuary can be the answer if you want to experience an existence away from social media platforms, supermarkets, and fast fashion. Be a part of the indigenous workshops, and learn about the off-grid ways of living to get started. It seems like a dream, but the off-grid sanctuary has made it possible.

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