The Best Beach Locations For A Relaxed Summer Vacation

May 4, 2016

What is a summer vacation without sun, sand, and sea? If this summer you have decided to hit the beach and plan a relaxing beach holiday, you are probably wondering where is best to go, then you must check out first with Hilton Head Island vacation rentals for a perfect beach vacation. With so many beautiful beaches to choose from, picking the perfect location can be tricky. Whether you want to visit somewhere in Europe or a location that is more exotic, there are plenty of places that would be perfect. It is just a case of working out which area is best suited to yours’ and your travel buddies’ needs.

Here is a list of the best beach locations for a relaxed summer vacation. Hopefully, these will make choosing the perfect place for your trip a little easier!


Barcelona, Spain

One of the best beach locations in Spain for a relaxing beach holiday has to be Barcelona. This long stretch of golden sandy beach is the perfect place to unwind and cool off on. The reason that this is such a popular location for a beach vacation is because it is right on the edge of the city of Barcelona. So you get the best of both worlds; a beach to relax on and a city to explore. There are some great deals for short breaks in Barcelona if you have a look online.


Famed for its year-round warm weather, beaches, and varied landscape, this Canary island is the perfect place for a vacation. It’s lovely and warm, has an array of beautiful beaches, most of which have white sand and calm, tranquil waters. The east coast of the island is popular with divers while the northern side if famous for its coves. Here you can learn to surf, snorkel, or have an adventure with a kayak or can opt to relax and sip cocktails from one of the many beach bars. While a popular location, there are plenty of Lanzarote holiday packages that mean a trip here doesn’t have to be expensive.


Menorca, Spain

The smallest of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Think crystal clear sea, white sand, and beachside bars. Not only does this small island have lots beautiful sandy beaches, it is also home to blue lagoons surrounded by cliff ledges. These are fantastic for sunbathing and relaxing on, as well as diving off of. This might be a small island, but it has plenty to see and do, as well as lot of beaches to explore.


If you want a beach vacation that is relaxing and exotic, a trip to Cancun in Mexico could be perfect for you. The beautiful white sand beaches and warm seas are wonderfully calming and relaxing. The great thing about this location is that as well as having the beach to relax on, there is also plenty of other things to see and do. The good news is that if you do your research, you can find a great deal for yours’ and your travel buddies’ trip. With it’s breathtaking beaches and ample activities available, you will be sure to have the experience of a lifetime that you’ll never forget.

Hopefully, one of these beautiful beaches will take your fancy. Of course, before choosing one, it might be worth doing some more research of your own to ensure that you select the right choice for you!

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