Are Five-star Restaurants Worth It?

December 22, 2022

Eating in a fine-dining restaurant sounds fancy, especially if they’re rated with Michelin stars. The most prestigious restaurants charge a hefty sum for their exquisite cuisine. 

Five-star restaurants are often considered exclusive to the elites because of their impossible prices.

Due to their exclusiveness, you can’t even book a reservation easily in five-star restaurants unless you’re part of the upper society. Even their paper food packaging supplies are of top quality. 

When someone says five-star restaurants, we instinctively think of Michelin stars; restaurants that deserve recognition are rated on a scale of one to three stars. Inspectors are meticulous, specially trained Michelin judges who secretly visit restaurants to evaluate the food, service, and overall aesthetics. 

There’s no doubt that five-star restaurants offer exquisite dishes and cuisines.

Most people dream of eating in a Michelin-star restaurant once in their life. But is it worth it to dine and spend a lot of money on a five-star restaurant? Let’s find out.

What Is Michelin-Star Rating?

Outstanding restaurants are given Michelin stars. One to three stars are given to restaurants that pass the test, and chefs worldwide highly value this recognition.

A Michelin star might be a once-in-a-lifetime honor. It can significantly improve a restaurant’s reputation and open doors to numerous opportunities. 

Five-star restaurants are food enterprises that serve the best food. However, they can be costly. Before booking a reservation, know about five-star restaurants and assess if they’re worth your money. 

What Is Fine Dining?

Unquestionably extravagant and unnecessary, fine dining is the definition of extravagance and indulgence.

A fine dining establishment typically has a more sophisticated atmosphere and formally serves its food.

A fine dining establishment typically has a larger staff and one with greater experience and training. You can expect well-known chefs, more skilled waiters, bartenders, winemakers, or other food and beverage professionals to assist you in making menu choices. 

A fine dining restaurant’s food will be of the finest quality, prepared using expensive ingredients, and presented in distinctive and elegant styles. 

Apart from getting higher quality dishes and utensils, five-star restaurants have distinctive interior design and architecture. Eating in a fine dining restaurant feels like getting a custom small perfume box made exclusively for you. 

How Much Will It Cost To Dine In A Five-Star Restaurant?

Every restaurant enthusiast has to eat on their bucket list at five-star restaurants, even though it’s expensive. 

A five-star restaurant’s top-tasting menu typically consists of 8–12 courses and is usually served at dinner. Some restaurants provide a single-tasting menu or several menus with the same price.

Although some restaurants charge for beverages,  beverages should not be included in the bill. The same is true for tips and other taxes, which are typically not included, but there can be some exceptions. 

While it’s different for every country, a full-course meal in a five-star restaurant typically costs around $250 to $350. Keep in mind that prices are per person and frequently exclude drinks, taxes, and tips.

How To Dine In A Five-Star Restaurant?

If you’re not already a member, five-star restaurants typically accept customers through reservation. It’s a convenient method for people who have hectic schedules. You can book a reservation by calling the restaurant directly, or you can also do it online.

Fine Dining Ettiquettes

You are expected to follow acceptable dining etiquette when eating in five-star restaurants. Some of the etiquette you’re expected to follow:

Don’t Clink Your Wineglass

Clinking for a cheer could break the glass if you’re using particularly delicate glassware. Additionally, five-star restaurants have a rule that “the less noise we make, the better” to avoid disturbing other guests. 

Don’t Lift The Menu Off The Table

When dining in a five-star restaurant, the menu should always touch the table in one spot. Therefore, even though your instinct might be to move the menu closer to your face when you’re looking at it, make sure that at least a portion of the bottom is still in contact with the table.

Avoid Soiling The Rim Of Your Plates

This is done considering the serving staff, who must clear the tables and be gripping the plate’s edge. Although it may sound ridiculous to others, it’s the normal custom in fine dining restaurants. 

Fold Your Napkin In A Specific Way

The crease of the napkin should face you while folding it in half. Never dab or wipe the dirty spots. It’s common courtesy for fine-dining restaurants that you never fold the napkin in a specific way, so all the stains stay on the inside.

Keep Your Bread On The Plate When You’re Not Eating It

While the bread is still on the dish, butter it; however, do not butter the entire piece at once. Slice off the portion you want to eat, butter it, and then lift it to your mouth. This holds for bread-like goods, including bagels, biscuits, and bagels.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of factors to consider before dining in a five-star restaurant. Like finalizing a deal with wholesale glass bottle suppliers, you should weigh alternative options before spending a sizable amount on elegant restaurants.

But if you have the money to spend and want to eat luxuriously, then you should book a reservation.

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