Affordable Smart Home Essentials 2023

December 22, 2022

The digital age is holding strong in 2023 and smart devices are leading the charge in revising how everything works today. The fun thing about technology is that it can be integrated into almost anything and smart homes are at the top of our list of areas to discuss regarding this. With the market constantly saturated with an array of options to choose from, one has to be smart when considering what sort of device one wants to buy. Let us dive into some of the more affordable ones out there.

Smart Speaker

This is one of the most sought-after items when it comes to decking up your house with gizmos and gadgets. A smart speaker is much more than a usual speaker is. Especially the likes of Google Home or Amazon Dot. These speakers provide speaker functionality along with the ability to record, control other smart appliances, and keep notes. They are an extension of your phone if you link it up with these devices. Moreover, smart speakers offer white noise perfect for studying or canceling out other sounds for brain-hammering activities so you can work with the sounds you want when you want. 

We would recommend buying Google home when it comes to the most affordable yet functionally apt device. It costs just 25 dollars and goes up on sale often, especially during the holiday season, for under 20 dollars. Google’s integration is one of the best out there so it only adds to its value. 

Smart Wi-Fi 

You could have an enormous list of gizmos and gadgets to spruce up your home with but the entire setup would suffer without a good backbone to link it up. This is where good, smart Wi-Fi comes in. Google Nest Wi-Fi and Amazon’s Eero 6 plus are viable options to get your system enhanced with the very best. Also, you could link up these juggernauts with AT&T internet which offers speeds of up to 5 Gbps to get blazing fast speeds on all devices. The whole combo is too good to pass up. But obviously, you want just one. And this is where we shall side with the Eero 6. With a better connection and the all-powerful new Wi-Fi 6, this choice is a no-brainer. The Google Nest is still dwelling in the Wi-Fi 5 zone and that’s where it lost our vote. It is still a good contender, just not as good as the Eero. 

Smart Lighting

A must-have for adults and kids alike. Where youngsters can have fun with the more fancy features such as RGB lighting, adults can enjoy the simplicity these lights offer. These lights can link with your speaker or home-system operating device and allow you to shuffle their power, intensity, and colors. The option of switching to light warmth such as bright white or warm yellow is a breath of fresh air for adults looking to personalize their bedrooms or lounging areas. These lights can be installed just like any other regular light but offer increased longevity. 

The Philips Hue is a strong contender in this option but if you are looking for something more affordable then there is always Google’s stock lights. Even though the Philips option may offer better durability and aesthetic quality but the Google bulb has more functionality to it simply, because it can hook up to your phone or any google device. Thus, you can issue your commands and get the google bulb to switch from lounge mode to party mode instantly all from the ease of your palm. They are readily available that too with a price tag of 10 dollars. 

Smart Security Camera

Security cameras are also booming quite nicely in the tech industry. With everything getting smarter, it is a natural need for security to get smart too. In short, this is where security cameras are getting beefed up with features while being cut down in size. 

When you talk about a security camera, it is understood that it will be placed in an exterior setting. Thus, it must be dust and waterproof to withstand the weather. It also needs to be sturdy enough to withstand any occasional knocks from unsuspecting people and animals. 

All this and more are offered by the Google Nest Security Camera and the Arlo Pro Camera. The two devices also have a built-in version of google home so you can link up your devices and get observational feedback while on the go. Google’s camera also offers cloud-based storage, which is virtually unlimited for a 5-dollar monthly plan. The Arlo Pro camera, however, is much more affordable and gives you access to all the same features with video footage that is a sliver better than Google’s.  


There is a plethora of devices coming into markets by the dozen helping make life simpler, but we think our picks will be more suitable for those who want ones that offer better value for money. Smart money. As an added advantage, all of the above are available on amazon for frequent discounts. Get smart because the future is aplomb with smart homes. 

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