Why Is Conveyancing Useful For First-Time Home Buyers?

December 26, 2022

Conveyancing is the process of exchanging property from one person to another person. This is commonly used in real estate transactions when buyers and sellers transfer land, building, or home ownership.

Therefore, a conveyancing service will act with you and on behalf of you when you are buying, selling, transferring, or subdividing property or land.

The overall result was a decrease of 11.2% in UK residential property transactions in the year to 1,045,080. The number of transactions in housing is going to be increased by 1.2 million in 2023.

There are 200 foreign law firms in the UK in which 10,000 people are involved. 

This article will briefly cover everything you need to know about conveyancing for first-time buyers.

What Is The Conveyancing Process?

Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of real estate property from one owner to another. It is done between the two people who are buying the home.

They ensure that you legally own the house you are buying for the first. That is why they work on your behalf so that you do not get fooled easily by third parties.

You should always consult top conveyancing solicitors in London, UK before you sign a property deal.

Why Is Conveyancing Useful For First-Time Home Buyers?

Buying a house is a dream of everyone and especially when it is for the first time. Finding the perfect home is just the beginning. The real struggle comes when you need to know prices, legal work, paperwork, and many more things you do not know.

Hence, buying a home for the first time should be an exciting and stress-free experience. If you are a first-time home buyer, you might have yet to use the term ‘conveyancing’ before.

They play a vital role in solving the home-buying process, and only first-time buyers should attempt the purchase of a home with them. So if you are thinking of buying a home, the first step should be to learn what you should know about the conveyancing process.

First, buying real estate and the conveyancing transaction are legal processes in the UK. Your local conveyancer will give you detailed information about the conveyancing process (the legal costs involved, advice on measuring the land, etc.).

Here are some valuable points why conveyancing is helpful for first-time home buyers:

  • They start your legal application process before you even find a house you want to make an offer on. It could take 18-40 days to be accepted, so the sooner you start, the better result you will get.
  • They explain every legal process in detail so that you also get knowledge about the government process and do not get the wrong knowledge.
  • For most first-time buyers, giving the deposit together is the most challenging part of the process, as saving thousands of pounds is always challenging to do. Hence, they help in giving the transactions in easy EMI so that it will be beneficial for you. For example, as a first-time buyer, you will pay 0% SDLT on the first £425,000 of the purchase price and 5% on the remainder up to £625,000.
  • When the seller accepts your offer, it is time to turn your mortgage in principle into a firm offer. This is also where you will need the help of a conveyancing service that will guide you through the legal side of buying your first home.


Conveyancing is the exchange of legitimate title of the real property starting with one individual and then onto the next, or the giving of an encumbrance, for example, a home loan.

A conveyancing will help to prepare the legal documents, such as the Contract of Sale, and ensure any special conditions you require are included.

As soon as your offer has been accepted on the property you’re looking to buy; you should contact a legal professional specialising in property purchases. They can help you make decisions that are best for you, both financially and legally, whether or not you are a first-time buyer.

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