How to choose a logo color

December 28, 2022

Color plays an extremely important role in a logo. Appropriately chosen colors represent the characteristics of a particular brand or product and stimulate action or calm. It is worth knowing the properties of colors and the feelings they evoke to use them effectively in promoting your business. To do this, you can use the Turbologo logo generator, a tool that provides serious help in selecting colors and creating a quality, standout logo. Here are some tips on how to use color effectively in a logo.

What is a logo?

A logo is a unique and distinctive graphic form, a stylized inscription, symbol, or another form of graphic expression used to identify a brand, company, or organization. The terms logo and logotype are often used interchangeably in the vernacular, which is not correct, since a logotype is only a component of a logo.

A logo should certainly be easy to remember, original and clear, and at the same time, it should show the nature of the business represented. A well-chosen and designed logo will benefit the image-building and branding of the company.

Color meanings

That different colors play an important role in logos is obvious. Each color has a unique ability to influence customers and evoke some kind of reaction. We all notice how often bright colors, such as red, are used on the packaging of promotional materials – but what do we know about the rest of the color palette? Learn about color psychology from the practical side and choose the right colors for your company’s logo.

  • Yellow is the color of optimism and confidence. It works great for brands whose target audience is children. At the same time, yellow stimulates appetite, so it is often used when promoting fast food.
  • Orange is most often used when promoting products for young people. It symbolizes dynamism, energy, and fun.
  • Red is the most stimulating color. It encourages activity, so it is often used, for example, during sales. It is associated with passion and closeness, and at the same time represents consistency in action and stubbornness.
  • Green is the color of harmony and relaxation. It will be perfect for advertising activities related to nature, health, as well as human resource companies, as it encourages interpersonal contact and inspires a sense of belonging.
  • Blue is by far the most widely used color by companies in all industries. It is the color of responsibility, conscientiousness, and maturity. It inspires confidence, but if repeated too often it quickly becomes boring, as it seems conservative. Not suitable for food-related companies, as it can be associated with mold and decay.
  • Purple used to be exclusively attributed to monarchs, hence its association with luxury and wealth. It is most often used in designs aimed at women, but can also represent companies associated with development and technology, as it brings to mind creativeness and innovation.
  • Black is used when promoting exclusive brands. It symbolizes success, professionalism, and poise, but in excess it is depressing, associated with mourning and sadness.

How to choose a logo color?

Of course, when planning the use of color, it is important to consider the group you are targeting and the market in which you intend to promote your company. For example, in Western countries, white, which is a symbol of innocence and purity, in the East stands for death and confusion. Women prefer warm colors, while men prefer cool colors, and too intense colors cause anxiety in the elderly.

When choosing a color palette for a logo, it is also worth paying attention to the hue, temperature of the colors, and, when combining colors, the contrast, and interaction. Color in a logo is a powerful value, but it pays to know which color works for us.


You need to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect logo, that is, one that will appeal to everyone. Tastes are not discussed! However, it is important that you know and understands the basic relationships and principles necessary to create a logo that you will like and at the same time meet all marketing requirements. First of all, color is a very important element of a good logo, so it is important to know how to choose it. Take advantage of the right tools, such as the Turbologo logo generator, and create your unique logo that meets all the important marketing criteria.

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