What is Lock Rekeying, and When Do You Need It?

January 2, 2023

If you have misplaced or locked yourself out of your home, or you have given away your spare keys to someone who misplaced them, you might need to consider getting a new lock installed. However, before you decide to get a new set of locks, you may want to consider a locksmith’s rekeying service.

What is Lock Rekeying?

To get a new key, the old lock’s pin combination must be changed. What is lock rekeying? The rekeying process is carried out by removing the old lock’s pins and tumblers. Then, the new sets are created. At this point, your old keys will no longer work and new ones will be created.

Rekeying Vs Changing Locks

The process of replacing a lock is fairly simple, as the locksmith will usually change the old lock with a new one and replace the key. On the other hand, rekeying involves keeping the old lock’s lock and just changing the pins and tumblers. This is a simple procedure that can often be done effortlessly.

If you have the original key, but you have other copies that you are afraid might be used to enter your home without your permission, rekeying can be a great option. Another reason to use a rekeying service is when you want to match different locks or keys into a single one for convenience. However, the locks need to have the same type of keyhole or brand name.

Types of Locks That Can Be Rekeyed

Some types of locks require more resources and effort to rekey than others. Most residential, car, and commercial locks can be rekeyed. In residential settings, a locksmith can rekey door knobs, deadbolts, and screen door locks.

Deadbolt Rekeying

Depending on the type of lock and its complexity, most locksmiths can rekey a door lock in less than 20 minutes. For instance, single-cylinder locks that have a slot for a key and a turning mechanism can be easily changed. However, if the key is missing, the locksmith will have to go through the entire lock to retrieve it. The old pins are removed, and new ones are then placed inside the cylinder.

Cylinder Locks Rekeying

To rekey a cylinder lock, the locksmith must first remove the C-clip from the lock. Then, they must remove the key plug from the housing, which is connected to a follower tube. They must then attach the plug to the back of the lock to hold the springs and the pins in place. Some models of cylinder locks require the key to be set at 45 degrees before the plug can be pushed out of the lock.

Office Lock Rekeying

In commercial settings, a locksmith can convert office keys into a single key that can be used to lock and unlock each door individually. This method is ideal for areas that require regular access to the cleaning and maintenance staff. In addition, it can be used to develop a master key system that can be used by various employees and managers.


Depending on your needs and budget, it might be a good idea to rekey your lock. In other cases, it is mandatory to change the lock. But some people do this because they are not aware of the advantages of using a more affordable and quicker door lock rekeying method. 


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