Ten Top Horse Trailers For Long Distance Travel

January 4, 2023

When it comes to long distance travel, you need to ensure the best for your horses. Any equestrian and horse owner would agree to this statement and everyone tries to ensure the best comfort and safety for their horses when going on long distance journeys with their horses. 

While there are a variety of horse trailers available in the market, the most important thing to choose is the kind of horse trailer for a long distance journey with your horses. Whether you are traveling with one horse or multiple ones, the right mode of transportation is extremely important and nothing is better than horse trailers for long journeys. 

That being said, according to experts, when it comes to long distance travel with one or multiple horses, the best choice is bumper pull horse trailers. A lot of equestrians and horse owners across the globe are of the opinion that such trailers are ideal for long journeys and have significant advantages over other larger gooseneck models available in the market.

The Key Benefits Of Bumper Pull Horse Trailers 

When it comes to the benefits of bumper pull horse trailers, there are many that make them the most preferred choice for long distance horse transportation needs. To begin with, bumper pull horse trailers are much easier to tow than other larger types of horse trailers. Along with that, they are much more affordable and cost considerably less than other kinds of horse trailers. 

Not just that, with bumper pull horse trailers, you also get a large number of parking and storage options that can match your needs and preferences to ensure maximum convenience. However, when it comes to bumper pull horse trailers, they might not be suitable for carrying more than four or five horses at a time. In such cases, you might need to look for other alternatives like gooseneck trailers. 

However, if you need to haul only a few horses at a time, and also do not have a vehicle that has a gooseneck hitch set up, then bumper pull horse trailers are the most effective and efficient solutions. It is also a fact that bumper-pull trailers of modern times come with enhanced safety and feature much better build quality. 

So, if you are thinking of getting the right horse trailer for long distance journeys with your horses, then all you need to do is simply read on. In the next part of this article, we have listed 10 of the best and most popular horse trailers which horse owners and equestrians have chosen for long distance travel with their horses. 

This list is all you need to read to know what suits your needs and what can be the ideal and most sustainable option for you in the market right now. Check the ten best horse trailers for long distance travel and choose the one that is perfect for your horse transporting needs. 

Ten Best Horse Trailers In The Market For Long Journeys

Here is a list of the ten best horse trailers in the market right now. The list has been compiled after careful market survey, taking account of consumer reviews, expert opinion and also a complete assessment of each of the products listed below. So, if you need a horse trailer for long distance travel, you can definitely make the wisest choice by going through this list. 

  1. Double D Trailers: Bumper Pull Horse Trailers 

Double D Trailers is one of the leading and most preferred names when it comes to horse trailers. Not just in the USA, but Double D Trailers is known all across the globe for their versatile portfolio of horse trailers, which come in all kinds and varieties and are suitable for all kinds of horse transportation needs. The first name on this list, bumper pull horse trailers from the brand indeed deserve to be on the top spot when it comes to horse trailers for long distance journeys. 

The trailers from the brand come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and configurations. When it comes to bumper pull horse trailers from the brand, there are two major categories of bumper pull trailers available. They are: 

  • Bumper Pull Straight Load Horse Trailers
  • Bumper Pull Slant Load Horse Trailers

The best thing about these Double D Trailers that come with completely customized designs and in a variety of sizes with options to carry 1 to 4 horses at a time. The key USPs of the brand would definitely be the exceptional and highly durable build quality along with products focused on the safety of the horses. The brand integrates advanced safety features in the trailers that ensures maximum safety of your horses when going on long distance travel. 

Along with that, there are a number of key advantages of the bumper pull horse trailers offered by Double D Trailers, which make them the number one choice in the market. Let us take a look at them. 

  • The bumper pull horse trailers come at flat prices which are most competitive and affordable in the market.
  • The brand offers nationwide doorstep delivery of all products which makes for a highly convenient and favorable buying experience for all horse owners. 
  • The brand also offers a nationwide guarantee and warranty service program that buyers can avail anywhere in the US. 
  • The brand also accepts trade-in deals which makes for more economical purchases. 
  • Along with bumper pull horse trailers, you also get other varieties of horse trailers which include gooseneck and horse trailers with living quarters. 
  • Maximum safety of your horses is ensured by the innovative SafeTack Design offered by the brand. 
  • The horse trailers also come with a Z-frame construction and tubular dividers along with fully insulated interiors which ensures a very quiet and peaceful environment along with maximum safety. 
  • The trailers from the brand also come with rubber flooring which ensures maximum longevity. 
  • The trailers from Double D Trailers also come with a number of additional features like the SafeKick and the Safe Bump feature that ensure maximum safety and comfort of your horses and complete peace of mind for horse owners when going on long distance journeys.
  1. Sundowner Sportman

Sundowner has been manufacturing horse trailers for more than 40 years now. One of the most popular models from the brand is the Sportsman. The trailer is completely constructed of aluminum and it comes in 2,3, and 4-horse models. The Sportsman trailer is one of the most affordable horse trailers in the market offering a perfect package for horse owners for long distance travel. 

  1. Featherlite 7442 Horse Trailer

Featherlite Trailers is one of the oldest all-aluminum horse trailer manufacturers in the USA. The brand offers a traditional straight-load bumper-pull trailer, which is the Featherlite 7442. The brand is known for its lightweight trailers that are very easy to tow and the Featherlite 7442 is no exception. 

The Featherlite 7442 comes with several useful standard features which include a straight load 2-horse trailer with double doors and a rear ramp, and two 26″ x 19″ windows in the trailer nose. It also gets adjustable saddle racks, rubber on the interior walls up to 48″, and a feed manager in front of each horse. 

  1. Trails West Adventure MX II 2H Trailer

The Trails West Adventure MX II 2H is one of the best-selling trailers which comes at a very affordable price and is one of the best choices for a horse trailer for long distance journeys. The trailer is made of steel frame and aluminum-skinned exterior and the combination of a robust steel chassis with an aluminum body ensures maximum strength, durability, along with enhanced safety. The trailer is quite durable and yet very lightweight and easy to tow. 

  1. Logan Coach Crossfire 

The Logan Crossfire is another name on the list and an entry-level slant load trailer that also comes with a front tack room. This “Crossfire” model from the brand is said to be“the horse trailer for everyday life” by the brand. The brand offers a well-constructed and safe trailer to transport horses over long distances. The Logan Crossfire is made of galvanized metal frames that are coated with Vortex rubber, offering extra protection against corrosion. 

  1. 4 Star 2 Horse Runabout

4-Star Trailer is a leading horse trailer brand known for their reliable quality and cutting-edge technology. The Runabout model is an entry-level trailer from 4 Star Trailers which is much more lightweight and easy to tow than their standard 2 Horse Slant Bumper Pull. The trailer gets the same latches and hardware as all other trailers from the brand and it offers exceptional durability and safety that is generally expected from 4-Star trailers. 

The Runabout also comes in a straight load model. This model can accomplish two horses and is 9′ long and 6′-10″ wide. They are insulated and double-walled throughout the entire horse compartment and also get  two feed managers. 

  1. Jamco Legend Contender

Jamco is known for their superior quality and highly durable horse trailers that come with a unique construction. The trailers get a distinct kind of wall construction which uses inner and outer skin layers of the wall. The Contender comes with a similar construction and main structure of walls are interlocking 2 x 6 tubes sealed with a flexible silaprene material. This wall construction can effectively absorb shocks and reduce rattles. 

  1. Lonestar Horse Hauler

This is another popular horse trailer with living quarters from Lonestar and is perfect for long distance travel with horses. The trailer offers great luxury with an endless list of amenities, that include a queen-size bed, two flat TVs, a sound system, a BTU furnace, along with a lot of storage space. It comes with a fully enclosed aluminum underbelly construction that makes for maximum convenience and superior comfort during long journeys. 

  1. Lakota Luxe Living Quarters Horse Trailer

The Lakota Luxe Living Quarters Horse Trailer is a horse trailer that is simple on the outside and exquisite on the inside. The trailer gets a range of essential and luxury features along with soft touch wall, leather sofas and a super attractive decor making for a convenient and seamless long distance journey with your horses. 

  1. Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters

Trail Boss is a brand offering completely customized horse trailers for all kinds of needs. The Trail Boss horse trailers are customized all in all and are tailored for the needs of horse owners. This is one of the better choices for long distance journeys with your horses. 

Ending Note

These are the top ten horse trailers that are ideal for long distance travel and any equestrian can easily choose one of the listed horse trailers above based on their needs and preferences. This list offers you the best options for your needs when it comes to taking your horses for long distance journeys. So we hope this list helps you and you make the appropriate choice based on your needs and budget. 

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