How much does a Solid Conservatory Roof cost?

January 12, 2023

What is a Solid Conservatory Roof?

The structure of solid roof conservatories can accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes.
The modern alternative to the standard conservatory roof is a Solid Conservatory Roof. It is constructed from lightweight, thermally efficient advanced materials. In addition, a former conservatory can be fitted with a solid conservatory roof.

– It is quick and simple to go from a glass or plastic conservatory roof to a solid roof conservatory. You can retrofit a conservatory with a tiled roof to your current building without affecting the way the room is built. Additionally, they will increase the value of your house for a lot less money than putting in a new conservatory.

– You will be aware of how quickly your conservatory absorbs and releases heat if it has a glass or polycarbonate roof. An older polycarbonate or clear glass roof is 15 times less thermally efficient than a conservatory with a tiled roof. Conservatories with solid roofs are more energy-efficient than those made of glass or plastic, which will reduce your energy costs.

– A solid roof conservatory makes your living, dining, or kitchen area wider and more adaptable for activities like studying, playing games, having parties with acquaintances, and having meals with the family. Enjoy more natural light and expansive perspectives of your yard without having to construct a full-brick enlargement.

How much does a Solid Conservatory Roof cost?

An average solid conservatory roof replacement costs £16,000, although prices start at about £30,000 for larger conservatories. It suggests that the price will vary according to the size, style, and material of your conservatory. Don’t forget to calculate the price of interior plastering. For the majority of conservatory types, the average price to replace a solid conservatory roof is between £4000 and £7000. The average cost of lean-to-conservatory ranges from £3500 to £5000. These statistics are based on a 3000 x 3000 square-foot area roughly.

It’s essential to keep in mind that these are estimates and that costs may change in either manner depending on your particular needs. It’s reasonable to say that numerous individuals consider the cost of a new, solid roof to be a wise house investment. In addition to generating useful living space and enhancing home energy, it can increase the value of your house.

Using a request for quote service is the easiest method to acquire a quote for your conservatory roof replacement. When you provide the job’s specifics, your request will be sent to multiple qualified professionals so they can provide the best price. Finding a tradesperson you can trust is essential when searching for a quote. Online searches make it simple to locate reputable local professionals.

Does a Solid Conservatory Roof improve energy efficiency?

You’ll be more likely to utilize the conservatory all year round if it has a tiled roof because it will keep the room warmer in the winter months and cooler during the summer season. When it is raining, it will be quieter than glass or plastic. Additionally, cleaning a dirty glass or transparent plastic roof won’t require you to use ladders. Choosing outside tiles that complement your home’s design will make your conservatory appear more like an addition.

Solid conservatory roofs, combined with Double Glazing and excellent insulation, are a common update with the push for greener houses, an enhanced lifestyle, and lower energy expenses. Low levels of greenhouse gas emissions result from high energy efficiency levels. Switching to a solid conservatory roof helps the environment and, ideally, your wallet.

What are the benefits of a Solid Conservatory Roof?

A solid roof conservatory is a popular choice among homeowners across the nation who want to expand their houses’ living areas. Here are some advantages of having a solid roof conservatory:

– Due to their thickness and opacity, solid roofs minimize this solar heat gain and loss. All year long, your conservatory will be at a pleasant temperature. You’ll be able to use the room completely once more at that point. Enhanced thermal efficiency represents one of the key benefits of selecting a solid roof for your conservatory. Thanks to the additional insulation layers in the roof structure, you may enjoy your conservatory all year long.

– Compared to glass and polycarbonate roofs, solid roofs can reduce noise by up to 30 decibels, creating a tranquil living space.

– Because of the wide selection of colors and patterns offered, solid roofs can be tailored to fit your entire home perfectly. Your conservatory will consequently seem more like a distinctive addition to your home.

– A conservatory with a solid roof will increase the value of your home. Your living area may be impacted by the solid roof conservatory’s greater functionality and aesthetic beauty. In addition to enhancing the value of your home, a solid roof conservatory may reduce the time it takes to sell it if you decide to put it on the market.


The energy use in your home might be greatly increased by a poorly functioning conservatory. Conservatories with outdated technology polycarbonate or glass roofs frequently allow heat to readily enter the space and escape. The conservatory turns into an unwelcoming, pricey location that is excessively hot in the summer and chilly in the winter. To avoid such a problem, a solid roof is unquestionably a great investment, whether it’s for a new installation or a restoration roof for a conservatory.


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