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January 17, 2023

Everyone knows when you look good, you feel good. Take your look to the next level by exploring the premium Italian brand called GuidoMaggi elevator shoes by Emanuele Briganti. Perhaps you have never explored the notion of purchasing elevator shoes for a fear of embarrassment. However, you will be pleased to find out that embodying a taller look is the norm for actors, musicians, and other celebrities. That’s right. Hollywood’s secret is about to be revealed. 

What exactly are elevator shoes? 

Before we break down what this type of shoe has to offer, let’s define it. Despite what you may think, elevator shoes are not merely lifted shoes meant to increase height. They are sleek and comfortable footwear with discrete heels built inside that are offered in a wide range of sizes. Here are the many benefits to embracing the new you with elevator shoes:

  • Height

Let’s start with the most-known benefit to wearing elevator shoes. The saying goes to not judge a book by its cover. Sadly, society doesn’t tend to follow that advice. If you want to make a good impression and get noticed, consider lifting yourself up. Here is the secret to what it means to increase your height: you decide how much taller you wish to be. Even the slightest, most discreet height difference can change your life. It’s not only for short people, either. Many people regarded as average height will wear these shoes to have the edge over others. 

It’s also not as shallow of an idea as some say. In fact, think about all of the enhancements, big or small, that men and women embody every day to make an impression at work, school, and in their personal lives. Makeup, high heels, slimming suits, tans, and more are all examples of ways to help people get to know the real you by making a stunning impression. You possess unique qualities and want people to get to know you. Give them a chance by getting noticed through your height. 

  • Confidence

There is no doubt that with height comes confidence. Imagine starting off your daily routine with a shot of courage that’s bound to make every single day better than ordinary. With elevator shoes, instead of worrying about your appearance, you can use your focus to showcase your newfound confidence. These shoes will make you stand out at your business meeting, romantic date, special event, or casual get together with friends. Aside from a taller look, think of how fun it will be to look in the mirror and see a new you. Trust in the fact that the secret to confidence is loving yourself, both looks and soul.

  • Style

When people think of elevator shoes, they don’t always immediately think of them in the context of fashion. Customization for any occasion or fashion, elevator shoes puts you in the driver’s seat of your personal style. Choosing your color, height, and design is a recipe for your next favorite pair of shoes. Elevator shoes even offer custom fittings to ensure your experience is perfect. 

  • Comfort and Health

It may surprise you to know that elevator shoes are the epitome of comfort. Cushioned inserts are found in each pair that will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud with each stride. Any ordinary pair of lifted shoes will make you want to take them off before the day’s halfway over. But these shoes will fit your lifestyle whether you’re working at a desk, standing all day, or hiking a trail. 

Not only will you experience the ultimate comfort with elevator shoes, but an improvement in posture and potential leg alignment issues. You will make progress by simply walking every day.

When you invest in anything Emanuele Briganti, be ready for a luxury experience. Do yourself a favor and try elevator shoes and see the benefits come to life. 


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