The Six Ss That Every Child Needs

February 8, 2023

As a parent, ensuring that your child has everything needed for the best start in life may feel like Mission Impossible. Thankfully, you need not unleash your inner Ethan Hunt to achieve success. In fact, the simplest strategies are likely to yield the best results. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to focus on these six features:


A good night’s rest will leave your child refreshed and full of energy. However, the short-term rewards are just the start. When your little angel is snoozing, it aids the development of their body and mind. On a side note, it will probably give you a better chance of getting a good night’s rest yourself. A consistent routine and a comfortable bed should be at the top of your agenda.


Keeping your child safe is a priority that starts from the day they are born and you already master many aspects. However, you may now need to teach “red light, green light” and buy the right helmet as a part of their road safety. Other key safety lessons include online safety, the ability to swim, and avoiding stranger danger. Of course, protecting your home remains vital too.


Academic development plays a key role in every child’s life. Aside from gaining qualifications, it helps them learn about the world. And understand their natural strengths or passions. Education can be fun and engaging, even at home. Check out for a great example. When kids develop a genuine love of learning, the results are incredible.


As we get older, sports tend to be less important. In childhood, though, team sports offer so much. Kids learn teamwork, leadership, communication, and work ethic. Better still, they promote physical development including increased speed, strength, and stamina. Likewise, coordination can greatly improve. When added to the magical memories provided, the benefits are clear.


All kids want the approval of their parents. Showing your pride and reassurance is an important feature. You can visit to learn more. However, you should also offer support by listening to them and having an open dialogue with them. When combined with valuable life lessons, which evolve as they get older, you won’t go wrong.


Finally, all kids deserve a strong social life. A strong network of friends can make their childhood far more enjoyable. It can also help develop self-confidence while opening the door to a host of fun adventures. Most people form at least one friendship that will last for life too. Supporting your child’s social life from an early age also means you can help them avoid the wrong circles in their teen years.


Every child deserves the love and support of their family. Ensuring that the above features are in place can have a huge influence on the situation. For the best results, though, it is equally important that you establish consistent surroundings. Completing the above steps only makes sense if you keep up the good work. You have this!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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