How To Buy The Right Motorbike Helmet For Your Kid?

December 16, 2022

No matter how far you or often you ride your motorbike, safety is inevitable!

Children who do not have the proper safety equipment are subject to the same risks as adults when riding the bike.

Children’s bodies are far more sensitive than those of mature males, making them more prone to harm or casualties, in the worst situations. This makes it important to ensure that the child should wear a good-quality helmet!

Whether you are looking for a road or off-road helmet, here are the tips to choose the perfect kids’ motorbike helmets.

1. Consider The Right Size

Choosing the proper size for your kid’s head should be your top priority when buying a helmet for them. There are various methods for accomplishing this. If you would rather buy helmets online, use a tailor’s tape to measure your child’s forehead in millimetres and inches, just above the eyebrows. While selecting a snug-fitting helmet, a good rule of thumb is that it should not wiggle or shift when the strap is fastened.

2. Check The Safety Certification

In terms of children’s helmets, product safety is the most crucial factor. Many helmet producers on the market do not follow the most recent safety regulations imposed by the appropriate safety authorities. Therefore, putting money into those possibilities will be a complete waste, regardless of how charming they may appear to be. Before spending any money on a helmet, check for the appropriate safety certification on it. A high-quality, well-known helmet is designed to absorb the mechanical shock of a collision and safeguard the skull from harm.

3. Do Not Forget The Helmet’s Style

There are many distinct styles of motorcycle helmets. You may want to think about which helmet you purchase depending on the type of riding you perform. The most secure motorcycle helmets on the market are full-face models. They offer the rider comfort and protection while also being the quietest helmets available. However, motocross helmets are ideal for all riders, whether they choose to race on circuits or ride in the woods. The reason why dirt bike helmets do not have visors is that they are designed to be worn with a pair of motocross goggles.

4. Consider The Price

When looking to purchase a child’s helmet, there are several options available on the market. The price of the helmet will increase as you selected more bells and whistles. Often, all you need to do for your child is to stay safe. The majority of helmets cost between $199 and $799, depending on the features you choose. Due to the materials used to construct the helmet, such as carbon fibre, a more expensive helmet is required if you want one that is less in weight and of higher quality. An open-face or half-helmet will be less expensive than a full-face helmet.

5. Check Its Allergy Resistant

Allergy prevention is the final yet most important consideration when buying a helmet for kids. Low-quality helmets produced by unnamed manufacturers lack a hypoallergenic liner, which might cause facial irritation in your child and make them uncomfortable. Branded children’s helmets, in contrast, include hypoallergenic lining that does not respond to sweat or dust, thereby minimising the issue of skin itching.


You can choose the best helmet for your child by asking the seller the aforementioned questions before making a purchase. With the right helmet for your little one, you may not only protect against injuries but saves yourself from paying unwanted fines or penalties.

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