Why It Becomes More And More Complicated To Find A Good Movie To Watch

December 16, 2022

Many people complain about the poor film production in the latest years. The fact — is many franchises that established themselves as high-quality products began to release something that is not possible to give positive feedback. Why is it happening, and how do social moods impact movie production? Read the answer below, and find more movie articles on the Art De Vivre website.

Criteria for “good” movies

This general characteristic describes the will for high-quality production. But the audiences and producers perceive it differently. We suggest the following criteria for movies to describe them as good:

  • high image quality – whatever the filming manner is, we want the video to be of high distinction (otherwise, it should be a conceptual project or imitation);
  • fascinating plot – we want twists and development that would not allow us to distract;
  • jokes, humor, and irony – we want them to be balanced and well-thought;
  • characters – we want them to be described, connected to the plot, and developed as much as the subject requires;
  • the general idea to think about – if we have some moral to think about when the movie ends, it is the criteria of high quality for many people;
  • reasonable usage of music in correspondence to the topic and genre.

The general idea common for all the criteria is balance – it is comfortable for us to watch a balanced film.

Social tendencies that matter

Social behavior, political circumstances, and other external conditions always influence how art looks like. Especially the pieces of art that express some ideas on related topics. Thus, nowadays, we find many factors that change the process and the final result of movie production. 

We observe how the attitude of some Afro-Americans changes toward white people – and influences what actors become more wanted for the new releases. Thus, we get Anne Boleyn. The changing attitude toward men changes their roles to weaker and less significant in scenarios where the action happens in the present day or a futuristic setting. 

These two aspects are just two drops in the ocean, but they reflect the most bright tendencies that people encounter.

Oversaturation: variety as a disadvantage

Another point that influences the industry is fully interior: the market is overloaded with movies, cartoons, and other pieces. Genres are all familiar now, their mixtures cause more comic effect, and topics are no more deep but mostly awkward. The diversity produced from the very birth of cinema till the present moment is immense, so nowadays, people try to rethink or extend famous projects to make new releases commercially successful. Those trying to make something more unique are just adding to niche products that are usually lost in a pool of similar projects. 

Generally, it is disappointing how the industry looks today. So, many great projects were pushed down because of failure in reinterpretation, and others have no chance to be released because of freedom-of-speech ideologies that will not allow them to pay for themselves. In other words, they all lack balance. But who knows – maybe something is coming to replace this Titanic? Watch the situation change with ArtDeVivre and keep updated!

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