Three Tips For A Refreshing Spa-Like Experience At Home

February 17, 2023

Everybody needs a bit of “me time,” but between work, family, and necessary errands and tasks, it is often difficult to get any. Do you sometimes breathe a sigh of relief as you close the bathroom door behind you? Take the opportunity to spoil yourself a little! Not sure where to begin? Try these tips for a spa-like experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed!

1. Set the scene

Mellow lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere — and nothing beats candlelight. Get the best scented candles you can lay your hands on, and arrange them artfully so that the room is bathed in a soft, golden glow. Bathroom not looking perfect? The soft lighting and delicate scent will go a long way towards helping you to ignore the little DIY jobs that harsh lighting throws into stark relief.

Choose your softest, thirstiest towels and lay out your favorite bathrobe. Tidy away any items that might spoil the effect, and place a refreshing drink ready to enjoy. From the moment you begin, everything will be just as you prefer it to be!

2. Get set to spoil yourself

Your aim is to create a special experience for yourself, so invest in a few little bath or shower luxuries to make you feel special. Luxury soaps and shampoos are a good place to start, and if you are planning a bath time soak, be sure to add some bubbles or a luxurious bath oil to pamper your skin. If you do not have a bath for a scented soak, invest in shower steamers — they are something like a bath bomb that releases extra fragrance as they get moistened. While it will not benefit your skin, it is an extra little fragrance explosion. 

For a natural spa bath that gets the circulation going and softens the skin, some epsom salts in the water will have a remarkably relaxing effect. As a rule of thumb, two cups of epsom salts will be enough for a standard bathtub. If you are not adding any scented products to the water, consider throwing in some sprigs of herbs. Rosemary is an excellent choice. Alternatively, a few drops of your favorite essential oil will add to the aromatherapy experience. 

Massage sponges are a worthwhile investment too. It is a simple addition that does not cost you much, but they definitely add an extra dimension to the pampering you’re about to treat yourself to! They will help to exfoliate your skin and get the blood circulating, helping you to step out looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy. 

Looking for an extra special detail to round off the experience? Warm your towels in the dryer so that you can enjoy the sensation of cuddling into them when it is time to dry off. 

3. Take your time

On normal days, you might rush your bath or be mindful of water use in the shower. But not today! You are going to take your sweet time and give yourself the full treatment. Ask the kids and spouse not to disturb you unless it is absolutely necessary, and make full use of the opportunity to unwind. 

Your aim is to wash away the stress while doing all those little extras that make you feel fresh, confident and relaxed. If you have not had time to apply a face or hair masque for a while, now is your chance! Pick your masques based on your needs. Deep cleansing and vitamin-enriched moisturizing are among your many options. Silky smooth, soft skin and hair will leave you feeling good long after you have stepped back into the usual routines.  

Have your favorite scented skin lotion handy and massage it in right after drying off and while your pores are still open from the warm water. The same goes for your facial skincare. Go for the full Monty with no shortcuts. 

Timing matters, so try for a little planning and hope that your family does not come up with any curveballs to disturb your serenity when you emerge. First prize timing is when the little ones are already in bed so that you can carry your relaxed feeling with you as you slip between the sheets for a peaceful night’s rest.

Feeling Good? You Deserve It!

We often get so involved in the business of life and our responsibilities towards others that we forget to give ourselves time to relax. Although your “home spa” experience may not be something you have time for every day, keeping it as a regular treat helps to add to the benefits you will enjoy. Remember, when you feel good, it is easier to do good too!

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