Handrails At Home: Where A Helping Hand Stays Stylish

February 20, 2023

Are you looking for a way to improve your outdoor space while simultaneously making life easier for yourself? A handrail can help you negotiate paths and driveways. 

Installing a new handrail system outside of your home – or inside it – can help you to feel secure. If you have a driveway or stairs which regularly ice up in winter, or if you have mobility issues, using a handrail is an essential part of claiming back your independence. There are benefits to installing a handrail at home which don’t include infirmity or mobility, however. It can guide guests towards your business or store front, towards your parking spaces, or into your home. Handrails are brilliant for creating a secure entryway and avoiding trips and falls on your property. What does that mean? That you are less likely to suffer lawsuits caused by falls on your grounds. 

Handrails do not have to be clunky

When you picture a handrail, the first image that comes to your mind is the big clunky metal rails, usually with a metal mesh on the lower half. This is by no means the only type of handrail that you can get. With a professional installation company like Promenaid, handrails projects are simple, elegant, and offer support no matter what. Be it handrails to line stairs, to promote ramp access for disabled people, or to secure bridges, each installation meets with exacting quality and safety standards. 

Asides from painting your home’s exterior, handrails offer a substantial, elegant way to improve your outdoor space. Not only are they classic, but they also form an important function, too. If you are infirm, have mobility issues, or are a differently abled person, a handrail can up your mobility and help you enjoy getting home, instead of fear it. 

The benefits of home handrails

To put it clearly in black and white, here are the benefits that having a handrail in or outside of your home could bring you:

  • Handrails make your home accessible to everyone. Whether you or a friend/relative has mobility issues, they will help support entry and exit from your home.
  • High vis handrails can illuminate your driveway or stairs at nighttime, meaning you do not trip and it guides you safely home.
  • In ice, a handrail is your best friend.
  • Both the OHSA and HSE support handrails in public places because it is safer than walking unaided.
  • The gripping surface can protect you against losing your grip, making it less likely you will fall.

Which handrails to buy for home?

Instead of those bulky metal handrails, homes are free to use a vast array of types of material to build handrails from. These could include wood, PVC, concrete, or even plastic solid handrails. Although wood is the most attractive, be sure to give it a special coating to protect it from the elements when you install it.

Is buying a handrail worth it?

Finally, are handrails even worth it? Of course, they are. If you are elderly, infirm, struggle with infirmity, or even just want to protect yourself as you get older, they are the exact solution you need.

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