4 Tips to Prepare for a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

February 24, 2023

Undoubtedly, Brazilian butt lift surgery has been rising for the last few years. That is because curvaceous bodies are becoming popular. Besides, celebrity influence by prominent personalities like Jennifer Lopez has added to the hype. 

Brazilian butt lift surgery offers an accentuating hourglass figure by volumizing your bottom. It involves taking excess fat from your thighs, abdomen, or hips. That fat is then transferred to your buttocks. Thus, the surgery provides a voluptuous bottom while toning the rest of your body.

Miami is one of the most popular places to get Brazilian butt lift surgery. In the city, it is highly prevalent among people aged 18 to 56 and is a top place for surgery due to its affordability. Besides, the city has an abundance of Brazilian butt lift providers, attracting people from around the globe. 

If you are interested in the surgery, you must be the right candidate. Preparing yourself for the surgery gives a smoother experience and long-lasting results. Hence, the following tips will guide you in correctly preparing for the surgery.

Gather post-operative supplies 

It is essential to focus on recovery when preparing for the surgery. A good surgeon will comprehensively guide you about post-operative care during your consultations. In Miami, doctors ensure to guide you thoroughly about the surgery. That is because Florida has stringent laws regarding Brazilian butt lift surgery. 

The Florida board of medicine recently put the emergency rule into effect. The law consists of doctors using ultrasound when injecting canola in the gluteal fascia. It makes the procedure safer as it avoids accidental piercing. Besides, the rule allows doctors to do only three surgeries daily. 

Thus, you can easily find doctors who perform safe BBL in Miami, ensuring they advise you on post-operative care. A competent surgeon will let you know of the necessary supplies that you will need. Post-operative care will ensure you have a swell recovery and excellent results. 

Your doctors will first advise you to wear a compression garment after surgery. Hence, invest in the right compression garment that is not too loose or tight. Restrain from buying overly tight compression garments. It will restrict the buttock’s blood flow, damaging the transferred fat cells in the area. 

They will also ask you to gather different items to make your recovery smoother. For example, get a booty buddy seat cushion. It supports your things while keeping your buttocks pressure-free. The firmness and softness of it make it perfect for long hours of sitting. Besides, gather different medical items such as arnica cream and gauze pads. Additionally, get maxi pads, female urinals, and bed pads. 

Lastly, your doctors will advise you to wear loose-fitting clothes for recovery. Therefore, invest in long skirts, loose button-up tops, and maxis dresses. Also, keep comfortable home wear like cotton pajamas and oversized sweatshirts. 

Consume a healthy diet 

Your body needs to have optimal health for Brazilian butt lift surgery. Hence, eat a healthy diet to prepare for the surgery. One of the surgery’s requirements is having a healthy weight. Therefore, a wholesome diet will help you manage or lose weight. In addition, it will bolster your immune system. That will make the recovery process smoother for you.

For the preparation, you should incorporate a protein and fat-rich diet. The surgery requires you to maintain muscle mass. Therefore, eat lean and fiber-rich proteins like eggs, quinoa, and legumes. Moreover, invest in healthy fat foods. They will provide energy and aid in absorbing antioxidants, promoting cell growth. Thus, eat nuts and use plant-based oils like olive and coconut. 

Moreover, it is essential to eat nutrient-dense carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are calories with minimal nutrients. Hence, swap them with wholesome carbohydrates. They are fiber-rich and packed with multiple nutrients, elevating your health. Consume carbohydrates like oats, barley, and brown rice. You can switch your white bread with a whole-grain one.

Make sure that you eat a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits. They provide vital micronutrients such as vitamin C and minerals. These will sufficiently fight free radicals that cause surgical stress and tissue damage. Therefore, eat broccoli, oranges, carrots, kale, and bananas. 

Avoid processed food. Such foods disrupt your health and lead to weight gain. Refrain from processed chips, sugary drinks, and sweet treats. Lastly, drink plenty of water. Ensure that you consume 1.5 to 2 liters a day. It will efficiently improve your health and make you active. 

Avoid smoking and drinking 

Refraining from smoking and alcoholic beverages is necessary to prepare for the surgery. If you regularly smoke, you will not be eligible for the Brazilian butt lift procedure. That is because your health will not be ideal for it. You will have to stop smoking for a specific time limit to be a suitable candidate for the procedure. The average time to quit smoking before surgery is two weeks. However, your doctor will give you a time frame according to your smoking history.

The reason why doctors ask you to abstain from smoking is that it can cause complications in the surgery. Tobacco disturbs the body’s blood circulation. At the same time comprises blood oxygen levels as well. Avoiding smoking will make your blood oxygen-rich, making your veins and arteries non-compact. 

Therefore, before surgery, refrain from nicotine products, including cigarettes, tobacco, nicotine gum, and vaping products. 

Similarly, it is essential to avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dilates the vessels and accelerates blood circulation. That can lead to bleeding during surgery. It also increases the chances of infection after surgery and disrupts the effect of painkillers. Hence, it is best to avoid alcohol two weeks before the surgery. 

Start exercising

Exercising will aid you in being fit for the surgery. Not only will it boost your health, but it will also help you manage weight. Working out will fortify your body and make you more active. In addition, it will aid in building muscles around your buttocks, giving your better results. 

Invest in cardio exercises to help you build muscles and increase blood flow. Undoubtedly, a cardio routine will give you the best post-opt results. Hence, include exercises like squats, lunges, curtsy lunges, and burpees. These exercises routine will target all your glute muscles, enhancing your bottom.

However, it is best to avoid high-impact exercises before surgery. That is because they can put stress on the body. Avoid Exercises like heavyweight lifting and high-intensity cardio. Lastly, refrain from spending hours working out. Instead, exercise for no more than thirty minutes.


A Brazilian butt lift surgery is the key to a fuller and more desirable bottom. It will give you the hourglass figure of your dreams. Nonetheless, the procedure requires a certain level of preparation. Being prepared will lead to a comfortable surgery and a successful recovery. 

Before surgery, ensure to eat a nutrient-dense diet. It is best to combine that with a light exercise routine as well. Additionally, gather all your post-op supplies and refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages. Thus all these tips will help you get the most out of your Brazilian butt lift.

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