The Best Backyard Games You Can Play At A Family Reunion

February 28, 2023

Holidays are meant to unite loved ones. Using this opportunity to create memories is important and even better when you add some fun.

Games are one of the ways to bring fun to your family reunions. Whether you have just met for dinner or are reuniting after years apart, family reunion games will make your occasion extra special. While this sounds easy, including an activity everyone can enjoy can be challenging.

Read on for the best backyard games you can play at a family reunion:

Tug Of War

Tug of war is an intense yet fun game you can enjoy with your family. You need a rope and other accessories, which you can acquire in a game shop. Game shops like Elakai Outdoor offer different types of games for both outdoor and indoor events.

To play the game, divide the family members into two groups and let them line up on both sides of the rope. Upon blowing the whistle, the teams should start pulling the rope. The team that successfully pulls the other on its side wins the game. You can keep the game simple or introduce a soapy pool between the two teams.

Egg Spoon Race

The egg race is a perfect backyard game for bigger groups. You can have your family members select a partner and stand some distance apart. The players will then put the spoons in their mouths, and the first on the line will run across with the egg. On returning, they will transfer the egg from their spoon to their teammate without dropping it, and the teammate will run to the other side to be declared a winner. Anyone who drops the egg is disqualified from the game.

Water Balloon Toss

The water balloon toss backyard game is ideal for beating the heat during summer vacations. Have your family members pick a partner and face each other two feet apart. The teammates can then toss the balloons and step backward after each toss. To be declared a winner, toss the balloon the farthest without popping it.

Scavenger Hunt Game

If you love solving puzzles or want to stump your family with your smartness, the scavenger hunt should top your list of backyard games.  As the name suggests, this game is about solving puzzles to find hidden treasure. Start by creating a list of your household items and design clues for the players to find them. You can then hide these items anywhere in the house or backyard, and the first team to solve the clues and locate the treasure will be the winner.

Potato Sack Race

The potato sack race is another of the classic backyard games that you may want to try with your family on your next reunion. The game involves players putting their legs in sacks and racing. The potato sack race is fun when played by teams who are part of larger groups. The player should hop to a marked point and then back to the starting point before tagging the next in line. The first to reach the finish line will be declared the winner.

Plan Your Vacation With Backyard Games For Fun

Games make family reunions lively, and now that you know about the above games, why not try them on your next vacation? You can customize the games by adding your rules. You can also boost your teams’ morale by giving prizes to the winners for a memorable family reunion.

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