Portable Bed Bug Heaters: Their Applications and Processes for Getting Rid Of Bedbugs

March 13, 2023
Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Portable bed bug heaters or air movers are popular for distributing the heat evenly in your room for getting rid of the bed bugs. These heaters ensure that the bed bugs along with their eggs and larvae are killed when they are applied properly. They do not take much time for processing the treatment, remove the cold spots, and decrease overheating as they blend the air properly. Let us discuss the processes and applications of portable bed bug heaters.

Consider the Right Size of the Heater

When you are using bed bug heaters, make sure they are of the right size and sufficiently powerful for the treatment in your required space. When you are buying bed bug heaters, you should take exact measurements of the space that needs to be treated. You should know the weather conditions, the amount of energy you require, and many other different factors. When a single bed bug heater is not enough for your space, you should go for more than one for obtaining the lethal temperatures for getting the required effect.

Are any Risks Involved?

When you are purchasing bed bug heaters for sale, you should check whether there are any risks involved or not. Check with your vendor, whether the bed bug heaters are safe and easy to use. There may be possibilities where heat can damage your room, but with careful monitoring of the temperature, you can avoid them. The fire suppression system is very vulnerable to high temperatures. So for the safety of your treatment, the heat needs to be controlled through the electrical bed bug heaters.

Heat the Air

If you want to eradicate bed bugs completely from your rooms, you need to reach the desired temperature for killing them. You should not leave cold spots within your rooms where the bed bugs can escape. For eliminating the cold spots, you should strategically place the contents of the room for optimal heat penetration.

Required Temperature

When you are keeping the temperature for four to six hours, the room temperature should stay around 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Though eggs of the bed bugs may require heat exposure of up to 7 hours, the adult bed bugs will be killed within 5 minutes at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Thus attaining the lethal temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit will be ideal for killing the bed bugs.

Easy To Use Heaters

Bed bug heaters can be used for the complete removal of bed bugs from your home. Make sure you know the right ways of using the bed bug heaters. Look for companies where you will get complete training for using the heaters efficiently. There may be consultations and packages which will help you to learn about the uses of bed bug heaters.


When you are troubled by the bed bugs in your own home, you may use portable bed bug heaters that can help in removing the bed bugs with their eggs. Make sure you have learned the proper ways of using the bed bag heaters and are not leaving any cold spots for the escape.

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