5 of the most common summer plumbing problems

March 16, 2023

Whilst winter is certainly the busiest time of year for our plumbers in Essex, summer can bring with it a whole host of plumbing problems for us to deal with, from blocked toilets to leaking outdoor taps and broken sprinkler systems. Read on to discover the most common summer plumbing issues.

Blocked toilets

You can expect your toilets to be used far more frequently over the summer months. This could be because the kids are off school or due to those regular BBQs where you host several friends. This in turn increases the risk of a blockage. If the waste in your toilet isn’t able to flow away, it could come back up, potentially leading to a flood. Whilst a plunger may be enough to fix the block, in some cases, a plumber will need to be called out. 

Broken washing machines

Washing machine usage tends to increase dramatically during the summer. All those sun-filled days spent outdoors lazing around the garden or at the beach can lead to you going through more clothes than usual, resulting in extra loads for the washing machine to handle. Extra cycles can cause blocked or cracked water lines along with various other problems. If your washing machine isn’t cleaning effectively or isn’t drawing in the water properly, you may want to consider calling out a plumber.

Leaking outdoor tap

As you spend more time in your garden during the summer and possibly get a little more green-fingered, your outdoor tap is likely to get used more often. Watering your lawn and plants every day can lead to the tap wearing out as the weeks and months go by. If a leak occurs, we recommend getting a plumber in to fix it as soon as possible. Ignoring a leaking outdoor tap may seem harmless, but it can actually cause serious damage to your home if it’s allowed to persist.

Faulty sprinkler systems

Many people install sprinkler systems to ensure their lawns stay hydrated over the hot summer months. This ensures that their grass stays looking lush and green rather than parched with yellow spots. If you have a sprinkler system and use it regularly over the summer, you may find that it runs into problems at some point. You’ll need to carry out going maintenance to keep it operating smoothly, including checking the pressure, cleaning the sprinkler heads and checking the lines for issues.

Clogged disposals

If you have plenty of BBQs and garden parties planned for the summer, this can lead to problems for your waste disposal unit under your sink. With more guests in your home, there’s likely to be more foodstuffs going down it. Meat grease, corn cobs and other food can clog up your disposal, resulting in a backup. Serious clogs will need to be dealt with by a local plumber. 

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