The Importance of Regular Oven Cleaning

March 16, 2023

Most of us can tell when our oven needs a clean, by the look of the glass panel on the front of the over door and the appearance of the shelves and grill inside the oven. For many homeowners, this is enough to inspire us to get out our most powerful cleaning sprays, adorn our cleaning gloves, and get to work on restoring the gleam of a job well done.

But did you know that an unclean oven does a lot more than simply look bad – and that without a thorough and regular oven cleaning service, your oven can quickly start to change the way your food tastes, and the way your home smells when cooking?

Here are just some of the reasons why our oven cleaning Essex service is so popular – and why keeping on top of your oven cleaning schedule is so important. 

The impact an unclean oven has on your food

Did you know that your oven might be harbouring more than just the greasy marks you can see with the naked eye. 

Look at it this way. If you’ve ever baked a cake in a tin just a little too small, or you’ve added slightly too much cheese to a pasta bake or lasagne, even the slightest overspill can stick to the shelves or floor of your oven and stay there long after you think it’s been burnt away.

In fact, the longer a food spillage is left to cook into the surface of your oven, the more carbon fumes it will produce and the more it will impact the taste and smell of your food. Opening an oven which is caked with crusted and burnt food spillages will release smoke which stings your eyes and the back of your throat – and if it does that to the air around you, imagine what it’s doing to the food, cake, or bread you’re cooking / baking. 

Why is regular oven cleaning so important?

It only takes one meal gone wrong to add new mess to the inside of your oven, and while a quick wipe can remove the worst of it, over time the build up of burnt food can leave your oven running less efficiently and impacting the taste and smell of your food.

A regular oven cleaning service provides both convenience and efficiency, with our team working across Essex to restore your kitchen to excellent working order. Working around you to minimise disruption (making sure never to visit during mealtimes!) we strip down your ovens and clean each element individually to achieve the best possible results and to leave your oven gleaming with a like-new glow. 

To discuss our packages and to learn more about our availability, get in touch with us directly or visit the Bookings page to get your oven booked for its service and clean.   

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