What Are The Best Smart Home Gadgets?

March 31, 2023

A few years ago, if you asked me about smart homes, I would assume you were talking about a genius’ house. But now smart homes and smart gadgets are so commonplace that it is now strange when you see a home without any smart features.

If you have not jumped aboard the smart home train, then this article is for you, as I will go through some of the best smart home gadgets you can buy in 2023 and explain why they are so cool!

Handy Smart Speakers

Smart speakers like the Amazon Alexa are always a good investment if you are looking to buy smart home gadgets. These smart speakers have a whole host of features and abilities that make them special, but the big selling point for them is that they can be used to control the other smart devices in your home through voice command.

Multi-Colour Smart Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs have been a thing for a while now, being able to turn off and on at set times or via voice command, but newer generations of smart bulbs also have multi-colour options, allowing you to change the colour of the lighting in your home with just a simple voice command, smart bulbs are a great smart gadget to have in your home and can change the ambience of a room instantly.

Electronic Window Shades

Another great gadget to have about the house is electronic window shades, which can be opened and closed via an app, voice control or a remote. These window shades are great for large windows where using a chain operation could be unwieldly and as a security feature, allowing you to remotely move your blinds throughout the day so that it looks like someone is currently in the building.

Energy Saving Smart Plugs

A great smart home gadget for the eco-conscious is smart plugs, unlike normal electricity plugs these smart plugs can be turned on and off remotely, allowing you to ensure that you aren’t wasting any electricity in your home. This can come in very handy on holiday, allowing you to ensure no electronics on sleep mode are consuming energy, but be able to turn everything back on before you arrive home.

Helpful Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

This next gadget is a must have for anyone who does not enjoy housework, why would you vacuum the floors in your home, when you can get a helpful little robot to do it for you? A small robot cleaner such as a Roomba will vacuum your home automatically and some models will also mop your floors, making them a great smart gadget for easing up your household chores.

Smart Security Doorbells

Finally, we have to mention smart security doorbells like Ring Doorbells, these smart gadgets greatly increase the utility of an old style doorbell, it can work as a standard doorbell, but also gives you a video feed of it is view and can be used to communicate with delivery drivers when you are out of your house. As well as being useful on a day-to-day basis, they also provide a good level of security to your home working as a cheap security camera to keep your home safe.

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