5 Companies to Rely on for Hassle-free Moves

April 12, 2023

Moving to a new home or office is quite exciting, as you get to start afresh, and there are opportunities to make the new premises your own. However, since the moving process is challenging, it would be best to approach it with a great plan and precise execution. It would be best to design a clear strategy to effectively manage the activities and avoid being overwhelmed by the task.

One of the primary strategies is choosing the right moving company. If you’re looking for someone who’ll handle your items better than you would, you may want to find a professional mover. Here, you should hire a moving company that handles your belongings carefully, are on time, have price transparency, and charge reasonable prices.

This post will discuss five reliable companies you can consider to move your items from your old premises to the new ones. Please continue reading to discover more about these companies.

Here are five notable companies you can work with to move conveniently:

1. Boxfactory

Boxfactory is a renowned Australian company specializing in producing high-quality moving boxes, recycled packing boxes, moving packs, bulk packs, packaging supplies, and more. This company supplies these boxes in Brisbane and other regions in Australia. The boxes are tailored to offer the capacity and strength you need for easy and swift packing. They also have higher load capacities and stronger materials to ensure your belongings reach their destination without any damages. 

Boxfactory divides its moving boxes’ catalog into four categories:

  • Small unit pack – ideal for two people
  • Medium house pack – ideal for four people
  • Large house pack – ideal for five people
  • Extra-large house pack – ideal for more than five people

2. Chess Moving

Chess Moving is an Australian moving company operating in 10 locations – Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, Sydney, Toowoomba, and Townville. Established in 1887heir network has over a hundred years of experience in the moving industry. It is also accredited by FIDI and has been an International Association of Movers member for over twenty years.

Chess Moving provides interstate, local, and global moving services for homes, businesses, and commercial services. All you need to do is upload the inventory for the items you’d like to move, and they’ll present you with a quotation. This moving company also specializes in transporting cars and pets, and they can handle your moving insurance too.

Another aspect to note about Chess Moving is that they provide secure storage facilities across Australia, so they can keep your belongings for a while until you’re ready to move into the new premises.

3. Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations is a subsidiary of The Crown Worldwide Group of companies and has been around for more than six decades, relocating slightly more than three million homes. This international moving company has 200 branches globally and is present in around fifty countries, including Australia. Moreover, Crown Relocations has been an IAM member for almost 40 years.

This moving company provides self-service video options and live video consultations to evaluate what items you need to move and generate your quotation. Consequently, they offer packing and preparation services to keep your belongings safe whether you move locally or internationally. Crown Relocations also has secure short and long-term storage facilities in key Australian regions.

4. John Ryan Removals

Created in 1975, John Ryan Removals is a removals company established in Victoria and has branches in various Australian regions, such as Brisbane, Springvale, Sydney, and Townsville. The company offers international and interstate removal services in Australia and its environs and has been an IAM member for almost fifty years, and is accredited by FIDI.

John Ryan Removals caters to business premises and households, offering packing and unpacking services with complete door-to-door anywhere globally. They give users a wide range of freight solutions, like shared containers, which minimizes costs substantially.

5. Overseas Packers & Shippers

Headquartered in Brisbane, Overseas Packers & Shippers is a moving company that has helped multitudes of people to move for over four decades. They are accredited by FAIM and have been IAM members for 46 years. The company has a strong presence across Northern NSW and Queensland, but they can help you relocate anywhere.

Overseas Packers & Shippers’ moving services include free home assessment to ensure you receive the right service for your moving needs. They pack your belongings, arrange them in a shipping container, manage the customs requirements, and unpack them when they reach their destination.

The Bottom Line

When you’re moving to a new destination, the last thing you’d want is to open the Custom boxes and find them filled with damaged goods. You also don’t want to be charged exorbitant prices or denied compensation if something goes wrong during transit. But this often happens when you move without planning effectively and making the right decisions. As a result, it would be best to find the right moving boxes and choose a reliable, trusted, and licensed moving company to ensure every item reaches its destination safely. Use this guide to discover various moving companies you can work with to obtain the best services in the market.

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