How To Love Your Body More

August 30, 2022

Perhaps you despise your physical appearance. Or perhaps you simply dislike the way your physique appears. You are not alone; throughout their lives, many women struggle with body dissatisfaction. It is difficult to learn to love your body when you truly do not, and it is not always as straightforward as the body positivity movement might lead you to believe. It will take time and conscious effort to go from “I detest my body” to something more positive.

Commit to it 

Committing to change is the first step in changing how you feel about your body. You must admit that you have an unhealthy relationship with your body and that you wish to change that. I want to have a healthy relationship with my body, tell yourself. Also, be sure you truly mean it!

Quit believing that your appearance will affect your happiness

Why do you want to look different, you could ask yourself? The most likely explanation is that you want other people to like you and think that by appearing a specific way, you will gain their love and acceptance. We are made to believe that particular physical characteristics will make us more popular, loved, respected, valued, etc. However, everything is a myth. You will not be pleased by trying to look a specific way. Look at all the literal fashion models who struggle with eating disorders and drug addictions. You need to let go of the notion that being different would make you feel less depressed, lonely, or rejected before you can learn to accept your body. There are certain things that do increase confidence especially if it is things you have struggled with like getting coolsculpting or having a nose job.

Stop critiquing people’s bodies, end of story

You need to stop making judgments about other people’s bodies in order to learn to love your own. When you insult someone else’s body, you are telling them and yourself that a person’s worth can be determined by their physical appearance. End it. You deserve to be cherished and appreciated for exactly who you are. And everyone else concurs. 

Get rid of everything that makes you feel horrible about your body from your social media accounts

Those reality TV contestants and celebrities you follow on Instagram who are incredibly thin, glossy, and glamorous-looking? Even though you might assume they are innocuous to scroll past, research consistently demonstrates that seeing media that promotes unrealistic body types is associated with negative body image. Control the sights and messages you let your brain receive

Follow profiles on social media that display bodies similar to yours 

Start bombarding yourself with pictures of happy, self-assured, sexy, on-display big individuals if you are one of them. Increase your consumption of content with black and brown joy if you are a person of colour. Your mental state and your understanding of what constitutes a beautiful physique can be greatly impacted by carefully selecting the media you consume.

Make it a routine to take care of your body each day. Maybe you might set out some time to simply give your hands a massage. Wearing your cosiest, fluffiest pair of socks around the house may be the solution. 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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