5 Popular Myths About Academic Performance – Busted!

April 15, 2023

There are a ridiculous number of academic myths which hinder students from realizing their true potential or doing well in school.

Some teachers and parents feed these myths into their child from an early age which stay with them throughout school and college.

It is important to spread the right information to students in order to create a healthy learning environment for them.

Let us bust some popular myths about academic performance!

1. Studying Is All About Talent

There are many people who believe that the ability to study is an inborn talent.

While some people do study faster than others, it is the effort that matters the most.

People who doubt themselves and think they have poor learning abilities avoid pushing themselves or putting in consistent efforts. This hinders their actual potential.

Learning is a process which takes time, effort and believing that better grades are possible.

Even if you have got low grades your entire life, you can change this with a healthy mindset toward learning and finding study methods that work the best for you.

Being intelligent is all well and good but ultimately hard work is what wins.

2. There Is No Need to Plan Out Learning

Planning your learning or making a study schedule is one of the best things you can do for your academic growth.

Being spontaneous or ‘going with the flow’ usually doesn’t work out long-term.

Laying out your studying goals and dividing your portions into chunks will help you study more effectively.

  • You will be more productive and consistent with your study routine.
  • During the exam period, you will be less prone to stress and burnout.
  • You will score better grades.

3. You Should Not Make Mistakes

Making mistakes is a natural part of everyone’s academic journey.

You learn so much from mistakes and they help you be better prepared for challenges and tests.

Many people stay in their comfort zone because they are scared of failing and taking risks.

If you never try figuring out that complicated equation or problem, you will miss out on the opportunity to learn a new theorem or method to solve it.

You might not get it on the first try. It can take countless tries and a ton of research, but once you understand how to solve it, you will be able to figure out other problems as well.

For example, while writing lab reports, many students have trouble finding the correct figure or calculating the final answer. Once they solve it, it becomes easier for them to solve other problems as well.

If you want extra help with these kinds of reports, consider hiring lab report writers online.

4. More Homework Equals Better Learning

This might sound surprising to most but more homework doesn’t always mean better learning.

In reality, unnecessary homework can waste your time. This is applicable in situations where teachers give homework that doesn’t motivate the students to think creatively or differently.

For example, if you get twenty problems in math – all of which follow the same solving pattern, you would be better off just doing five or ten.

Tons of homework also puts unnecessary stress and strain on the student.

5. Good Grades Mean Better Job Opportunities

Far too many people believe this myth.

It makes people who have low grades believe that they won’t get a good job.

Better grades don’t always mean better jobs because employers prefer practical skills and industry knowledge over academic success.

While grades can definitely play a role it isn’t the only factor.

For example, people who want to pursue a creative career may not be good in academically rigorous subjects like physics or chemistry.

But if they have a solid portfolio to demonstrate their creative skills, they have a good chance of getting a job in their field of interest.


Every student must put in the effort to achieve good grades, but they should also know that grades don’t dictate their entire life and career.

It is also important for parents and teachers to be supportive of the child’s learning journey and encourage them to do their best.

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