Guide About Commercial Patio Furniture

May 9, 2023

What we mean when we refer to business outdoor furniture may need to be clarified. 

As you may have guessed, commercial patio furniture is made especially for business and public settings. 

Commercial outdoor furniture is made to withstand regions with heavy traffic, as we in the business refer to them. It is therefore built to endure daily use by hundreds of people. 

Due to this, commercial outdoor furniture is made of considerably more substantial and more durable materials than the outdoor home furniture you can buy in stores like supermarkets and garden centers.

Commercial outdoor furniture uses much stronger designs and manufacturing processes than residential outdoor furniture. Business outdoor furniture often includes larger fasteners, more robust hinges, and more complicated surfaces and materials. Take a look at your specific piece of business outdoor furniture.

This is why purchasing commercial-grade (or “contract” grade, as we sometimes say) outdoor furniture is recommended if you own a public facility or hospitality establishment. 

While it could seem alluring to head to your neighborhood grocery store or garden center to pick up some outdoor furniture, you will discover that the products you buy soon deteriorate and break down when subjected to heavy, frequent usage by the public. It is a waste of money!

Points You Need To Consider Before Buying Commercial Patio Furniture

After defining what we mean by “commercial outdoor furniture,” let us look at the essential factors, you should consider while choosing furniture for your home, place of business, or event.

  • USE

The first item to consider is what will be done with your commercial outdoor furniture. 

This is so that they may serve a variety of purposes. For instance, a wide selection of outdoor furniture is made for use in cafés and restaurants. 

Most of your outdoor furniture will thus be tables, chairs, parasols, and other such items, as your company is in the hospitality industry. 

Likewise, equipment like seats and picnic tables will be required for a more general public structure like a library or community center. 

These use cases will also influence other elements that we’ll discuss later in this post, such as ergonomics, cleanliness, portability, and more.


What location will you choose for your outdoor furniture? Make sure the furniture you select is UV resistant if you intend to place it somewhere that gets a lot of sun (if it’s feasible to get a lot of sunshine in the UK). 

Commercial outdoor furniture’s color may fade and discolor if not purchased with UV protection. As dark colors are more prone to fade in direct sunlight, we advise against using them on any furniture left in areas that receive a lot of it.

Another crucial consideration is if it will rain where you plan to put your furnishings.


Even though it might seem minor, consider the surface where your outdoor furniture will be set. 

Nobody enjoys attempting to eat and drink from an unstable table!

Although tables with movable legs are occasionally available, putting your furniture on a flat, level surface is far simpler.


Make sure the outdoor furniture you select for cafes and restaurants can survive frequent cleaning when it comes to outdoor furniture. 

This concept applies to more than just the components of the furniture. Yes, you should pick tabletops that can be quickly and easily cleaned. However, it would be best to consider the furniture’s shape and style. 

More complex designs may need more cleaning time and risk trapping crumbs and other debris. In contrast, a poly chair with a straightforward design may appear less pleasant but will be much simpler to clean.

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