Septic Systems Are Essential To Modern Life

May 16, 2023

Septic systems have become an essential part of daily living for homeowners without access to a municipal sewer system, and proper care and maintenance of your septic system are crucial to its longevity, avoiding expensive repairs or replacements, protecting the health of family and the environment, as well as prolonging its longevity. Let us examine strategies homeowners can use to take care of their system and schedule inspections with Septic Blue for optimal functioning.

Pump Your Septic Tank Regularly

One of the critical steps in maintaining a healthy septic system is to schedule regular septic pumping in Suwanee. Solid waste accumulates over time, leading to backups or other issues with your system. How often you should pump depends on its size and how many people live in your home. It should be done every three to five years as a general rule of thumb.

Watch What You Flush

The septic system was designed only to process human waste, toilet paper, and water. Anything else can cause severe issues for your system; thus, avoid flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down your toilet – including feminine hygiene products, dental floss, paper towels, or wipes that can build up in the tank and blockage that damages it permanently.

Watch What Goes Down The Drain

Aside from being conscious about what goes down your toilet, be wary about what goes down your drain. Do not pour grease, oil, or food scraps down your sink, as these could clog pipes and disrupt septic systems. Likewise, avoid chemical drain cleaners, which could harm bacteria in your system and lead to backups in pipes and systems.

Conserve Water

Your septic system handles only a specific amount of water; using too much can overload it. To conserve water, fix leaks in your plumbing, install low-flow showerheads and toilets, and avoid running your dishwasher and washing machine simultaneously.

Maintain Your Drainfield

Your drainfield is an essential septic system component and should be given the attention it requires working optimally. Keep trees and shrubs away from it to avoid roots growing into pipes and creating blockages, do not drive vehicles over it as this will compact soil, prevent proper drainage, and lead to further compacted conditions in which proper water drainage cannot occur, as well as do not cover it with concrete or any impermeable materials that prevent water from draining correctly from it.

Schedule Routine Inspections And Maintenance With A Professional Septic Company

Though you can manage many aspects of caring for your septic system yourself, professional services should still be brought in for inspections and maintenance regularly. They will help identify any issues within your system before they become major headaches; during an inspection, a professional will check levels in your tank, pipes, and fittings as well as examine your drainfield and advice about how best to care for it before setting a schedule for future pump-outs.

Care of a septic system is paramount to its longevity and avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future. Contact us at Septic Blue to schedule a consultation with our experts and enjoy top-quality septic pumping in Suwanee at competitive rates.

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