6 Upgrades to Modernize an Old Home

June 23, 2023
Modernize Home

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An old house has a charm like no other. It has a unique character full of enchanting features such as archways, transom windows, clawfoot tubs, and rich history that are worth cherishing and preserving. On the other hand, there are some features you may not find exactly charming, like a popcorn ceiling, carpeted bathrooms, outdated faucets, and stained bathtubs. The good news is that you can always upgrade and modernize your space without compromising its unique qualities.

Moreover, if you live in a city with high housing costs, such as Austin, one of the most expensive places to buy a house in Texas, affording a modern structure may not be within your budget. In such a case, sprucing up your old home will be the only suitable option. So whether you’re considering making minor tweaks or expensive reinstallations, here are some upgrades that will modernize your old home.

1. Modernize Your Bathroom Faucets:

Updating your bathroom faucets is perhaps the easiest way to make your home look modern. They are sleek with trendy and flawless designs that instantly make your bathroom look like a whole new space. Especially when it comes to showers, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are the heart of a modern bathroom. Say goodbye to the old rusty shower fixtures that might also have mold growth in the pipes. It is especially possible if you live in a city with a hot and humid climate that promotes mildew growth in dated homes, such as that of Austin. To install modern designs and ensure protection against fungus, search for a suitable remodeling company for a shower replacement in Austin and get one step closer to a modern home.

Likewise, modern bathroom taps with sensors and aerators can bring a dated space into the current era. You can go for sleek minimalistic designs that will allow for an innovative and spacious outlook.

2. Create an Open Floor Plan:

Love spacious rooms? If yes, an open floor plan is the perfect choice for you! It has been the most trending modern architectural design for several years now. If you live in an old home, chances are that its layout is making the space look congested and cramped. The objective of an open floor plan is to join the living room, kitchen, and dining room, or any two of them, to create a sense of openness. If you are keen on it, consult a professional and knock down the doorways and walls that divide parts of your house and make you feel boxed in.

3. Amp Up the Kitchen Hardware and Appliances:

What good is a modern home without some advanced kitchen equipment and hardware? From chrome cabinet handles and brass doorknobs to polished granite countertops, your kitchen will give a new vibe with these subtle details. Pair up the modern hardware with fresh paint on your cabinetry, and it will be all set to flaunt its upgraded look.

Likewise, consider installing a built-in refrigerator and oven that give a seamless and integrated look with much space freed up. Adding a backsplash will also be a good idea to make your kitchen design shine.

4. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint:

If you want to instantly uplift the mood of your home, adding a fresh coat of paint is your go-to option. No matter how modern the interior, old and grimy walls will give it an old and drab look. So decide on a color pallet and give your walls a makeover.

For the interior of your house, you can go for neutral hues such as cream, tan, or skin color that will go well with any furnishing and make the interior look more spacious. Not a fan of a monochromatic look? You can paint the front wall of your room with a contrasting vibrant color that will pop up the environment. Alternatively, you can add a temporary wallpaper to one of the walls and make it stand out.

5. Update Your Lighting Fixtures:

Once you have made all the upgrades, good lighting will be the cherry on top to create a soothing ambiance and highlight the modern features of your house. No matter how well-renovated your home may be, if you have a drab lighting fixture in your room, it will automatically be the center of attention, and we don’t mean that in a good way. Bad lighting and outdated lights can instantly make all your efforts go to waste.

Remove the old-fashioned harsh incandescent bulbs and go for smarter, energy-saving options, such as LED lights indoors and solar lamps outdoors. If you want to emphasize a particular corner or artwork, use accent lighting to create visual interest and highlight a specific corner or artwork.

To light up your house with style, choose from chic designs of lighting fixtures, such as the pendant lights over the kitchen island or a central chandelier in your living room. Also, do not forget to add a dimmer to adjust the brightness according to your mood.

6. Cover up or Remove the Popcorn Ceiling:

Modern interior with old popcorn ceilings is a big no. While they used to make the finishing of the ceilings easier and hide imperfections in the construction, they now just look outdated and dusty. If your home has a popcorn-textured ceiling that is bringing down the renovated look of your home, there are ways to work around it without causing a mess.

You can remove this texture by scraping and refinishing it in a smooth pattern. If you are unsure how your ceiling will turn out after the scraping, you can overlay it with drywall.  This way, the old-textured ceiling will have a new look consistent with your modern home design.


Upgrading your old home is a great way to couple the old architecture of your house with modern-day features and bring your dated house into the modern world. While you may want to preserve some vintage features of the house, try modernizing those that will make your home energy efficient and visually appealing. With a few changes in the structural and interior design, you will fall in love with your home all over again.

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