Deep Cleaning Your Home For Summer: Expert Tips

June 29, 2023

Summer brings longer days, backyard barbecues, and the chance for a thorough home cleaning – and with that comes the seasonal tradition of deep cleaning your house! Though this task may appear daunting at first, taking an organized approach and following some helpful tips makes the task far less daunting and much more manageable. Let us dive in on a step-by-step guide that can transform your living space into an airy summer sanctuary!

Before Beginning 

Begin by conducting a quick tour around your house and noting all the areas that need attention. Create a detailed plan, assigning tasks room by room – remembering that deep cleaning entails more than dusting and mopping! It requires an in-depth approach to addressing areas often ignored during regular cleaning sessions.

Declutter And Organize

Start by clearing out each room. Throw out or donate items you no longer use or need, making cleaning much simpler and faster. Now is also an excellent time to organize your home so space will be available for summer activities and gatherings.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen 

Kitchens are at the core of home life and see plenty of activity, from clearing out old food from your refrigerator and wiping down shelves to deep cleaning your oven and stove top thoroughly – remembering small appliances such as toasters and coffee makers!

Prioritize Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms require special care due to frequent usage and dampness. Scrub tiles, grout, bathtubs, showerheads, mirrors, and fixtures, thoroughly while disinfecting surfaces regularly to prevent germ build-up.

Time To Refresh The Living Room

For an invigorating living room refresh, thoroughly clean all furniture – especially under cushions where dirt and crumbs tend to collect. Wipe down and polish any wooden pieces you own before remembering electronic devices and decorations that need attention.

Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

Clean and air out all bedding, such as mattress covers and pillows. Rotate the mattress if necessary and dust all surfaces, including corners of the ceiling, light fixtures and behind furniture.

Rotate Your Clothing For Summer

As we head into warmer weather, now is an excellent time to switch up your wardrobe and clothing options. Begin by emptying your closet and sorting everything by winter wear, spring attire, formal clothing etc. Finally, clean everything well before returning anything to the cabinet. Store away bulky winter apparel in vacuum-sealed bags to save space and keep it smelling fresh for next winter’s transitional period. Next, arrange summer wear in your closet by type or color – whatever suits your taste best. 

Importance Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Too often neglected during home cleaning is the dryer vent. A clean vent can boost the efficiency of your dryer, reduce energy consumption, and lessen the fire risk in your dryer. JCS Home Services is specializing in this field with dryer vent cleaning services, check them out at

Do Not Forget Outdoor Areas

Summer is the outdoor season! So clean off your patio, outdoor furniture, grills and decks before clearing away any debris in the garden and planting new blooms for this season.

With these expert tips, you can have a home that sparkles brightly for summer! Hiring professional services like JCS Home Services for assistance may be prudent for specific tasks like dryer vent cleaning. Happy cleaning!

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