LED Tables: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (2023)

July 18, 2023

The popular LED tables are made of thick acrylic material and have LED light diodes. These tables look simple and elegant. These tables are rising more because of their aesthetic hue of vivid colors that make them look simply attractive. These LED tables are water-resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors because of their acrylic material. You can get your desired idyllic LED table from Global Sources. They have a lot of high-quality variations in LED Tables. With striking colors, these tables give your room a luxury and aesthetic look. 

What are LED Tables?

LED Tables are the new trending aesthetic tables in the market these days. They usually have 10-15 vibrant and appealing LED light colors. The LED lights in them also have numerous settings like flash or strobe to fade or smooth. Each color in the LED table carries a diverse vibe and emotion. These LED tables are fantastic for setting the mood and making bold speeches at any gathering. They are primarily used for get-togethers like outdoor scenes, clubs, etc. Several guesthouses and resorts also use these LED tables and furniture with LED lights implanted to make their residence look more luxurious and vibe. They are also used at offices and businesses, which gives an excellent impression to the people and makes your business look modernized. These high-top LED tables can change the atmosphere of the establishment. Even when the LED lights are turned off, the table has a clear and superior exterior that gives a refined look. Some LED tables are rechargeable and wireless, while some use higher voltage batteries to light up. 


  1. Mood Changer 

These LED tables can change your mood rapidly if you feel low; their vibrant and energetic colors will refresh you. Each color of the LED lights on the table carries a different sensation to make you feel lovely.

  • Energy-Efficient

These LED tables consume 80% less energy than ordinary lightning sources, producing high-quality LED light. These LED tables are a great source to save energy and money while paying electricity bills.

  • Versatile

These LED tables are exceptionally versatile as you can adjust the LED light’s brightness, fading, and smoothness. They provide you best quality lightning according to your requirement without even consuming more electricity.

  • Customizable 

LED tables can easily get customized as they have a lot of choices for colors and even styles. You can also set up a perfect theme of colors for any occasion.

  • Convenient

These LED tables are highly convenient, with fixed controls and usually with a remote to set up the colors and theme. Due to this reason, adjusting the lighting becomes convenient according to the occasion to create an ultimate atmosphere. 

  • Long lifespan 

Besides other advantages, the lifespan of LED lights installed on the table is also long-lasting. With the prime lightning effect, LED lights in the table can often resist 50,000 – 70,000 hours of usage. 

  • Makes a good impression

You can use these LED tables at home, office, or any occasion. People usually judge your zone by its appearance, making your place more attractive and eye-catching. And such unique furniture gives a virtuous impression on people.


A bolt of good lightning has the upper hand in crafting and inviting an atmosphere that attracts people. LED lights have always been eye-catching, and these LED tables are even more attractive. They give your space an aesthetic vibe. You can get your customized LED table from Global Services. They have an extensive range of personalized and good-quality LED tables for you at factory prices. Do check their website https://www.globalsources.com/category/led-tables-for-sale-price_41459/?utm_source=3009307  out for excellent products. These LED tables are price-worthy, so get your favorite one from their website.

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