4 Elements of a Healthy Morning Routine

July 21, 2023

The morning often sets the tone for the rest of the day. For this reason, getting your day started on the right foot is crucial. The following are four ways to make your morning routine a one that works for you. 

1. Get Moving 

Movement is one of the most important aspects of a healthy morning. After eight or so hours in bed, your body may be stiff. A short stretching routine increases mobility. Although exercising later in the day is just as healthy as doing so in the morning, there are some benefits to getting in your physical activity earlier. The release of serotonin that accompanies exercise can improve your mood and prove beneficial in overcoming any morning slump that may lead to procrastination. Additionally, scheduling your fitness routine in the morning can help you stick to it more consistently. As the day progresses, you may find yourself low on energy or with other tasks you need to complete. By working out in the morning, you avoid distractions that keep you from exercising later. Finally, accomplishing healthy behaviors in the morning may keep you motivated to make healthy choices throughout the rest of the day. 

2. Freshen Up 

Some individuals prefer to bathe at night and others in the morning. Regardless of when you shower, freshening up in the morning is beneficial. Doing so can help you wake up and gives you the opportunity to nourish your skin for the day ahead. Choose a face cleanser that cleanses and exfoliates while balancing hydration. Follow up with a moisturizer and sunscreen to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays. Styling your hair and selecting your outfit with care so that you look your best can give your confidence a boost that lasts all day.  

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast 

It’s easy to forget or be too busy to eat in the mornings, but there are many benefits of breakfast that make it a key aspect of a healthy daily routine. Breakfast gives you the energy you need to focus and be productive until lunchtime. However, not all breakfasts are made equal. An ideal breakfast includes protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. That may seem like a daunting list, but keep in mind that you don’t need to have huge amounts of each. For example, wheat toast with peanut butter and banana slices includes all of the elements of a nutritious breakfast in a handheld serving that is both quick to prepare and eat. If you are really pressed for time in the morning, consider preparing smoothies ahead of time so that all you need to do is pour your drink in a to-go cup and hit the road. 

4. Mentally Prepare for the Day Ahead 

In today’s world, even an average day can be quite hectic. Planning your day can help you stay calm and accomplish everything you need to. Consider writing a to-do list on your phone or in a physical planner. When considering how much you can get done in a single day, plan for unexpected events and delays. If you overschedule yourself, you may spend all day playing catch-up.  

Consider taking a few minutes to sit quietly and clear your mind before getting started on your scheduled tasks. This may be more difficult if you have kids you have to get out the door, but doing so can really help you start the day with a clear head. Consider sneaking off to the bathroom or back yard for a few minutes of solitude. You may try to completely clear your mind, but many individuals find that nearly impossible. Instead, try focusing intently on a single spot in your field of vision or repeating a calming phrase. After a few minutes of peace, hopefully you feel empowered to handle the day ahead.  

Starting your morning with healthy behaviors helps you have the energy and mental clarity to get through whatever the day brings. Doing so may even motivate you to adopt healthy behaviors throughout the rest of your day.  

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