3 Ways to Make Your Old Home Feel New

July 27, 2023
Old Home Feel

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Philadephia-style interiors are a rich and vibrant fusion of the city’s three powerful art forms: architecture, sports, and music. Did you know that Philly was the epicenter of the Art Deco movement back in the 1920s and 1930s? That’s right, and the city’s architecture and interiors continue to boast magnificent Art Deco themes with bold patterns and rich palettes.

Are you exploring strategies to make your old Philly home feel new, refreshed, and reinvented? Home improvement is always a brilliant way to indulge one’s creative talents and breathe new life into the interiors. We urge you to take inspiration from Philadelphia’s design culture and experiment with geometric patterns, motifs, rich materials, and bold color tones.

Strolling through the action-packed downtown will brim you with abundant inspiration to infuse your interiors with Philly’s characterful Art Deco energy. Designing a quintessential Philadelphia-style home demands a focus on comfort and practicality rather than frivolous embellishments and purposeless frills. Read on to explore ingenious ways to reinvent your old home with a refreshing newness.

1. Focus on Comfort and Practicality

Have you ever wondered about the elements that transform a house into a homely abode that radiates warmth? For some, it’s the plush velvet couch that makes them want to linger in the living room and take daytime naps. For others, feelings of homeliness come from a luxurious bedroom where they can sleep without being disturbed by light or noise. While everyone has unique ideals and preferences, comfort-focused elements transform a house into a home.

As you start working on reinventing your interiors, we urge you to adopt a comfort-focused approach, starting with your bedroom. A comfortably-appointed bedroom needs a premium-grade mattress to create that sink-in-the-bed plushness we love about hotel suites. We suggest exploring the extensive catalogs at the Mattress Factory, Philadelphia, to find the most suitable mattress for your needs.

Most homeowners spend uncontrollably on ornamentation and rugs while sleeping on a run-down mattress that denies adequate lumbar support. A mattress that doesn’t support your lumbar region can give rise to lower backaches and compromise spinal health. It’s important to understand your comfort preferences when picking a new mattress. For instance, memory foam is a great choice for people who want the mattress to contour to their body’s natural form.

Gel foam is more suitable for people who like to sleep on a firm surface that elongates and straightens their spine. Adding down feather and memory foam pillows will also enhance comfort, making your bed cozier and more inviting. A robotic vacuum cleaner is another comfort-focused investment that will maximize convenience and maintain a clean, dust-free home.  

2. Reinvent the Walls

Are your exterior and interior walls smeared with dust, debris, and dirt? Is the paint chipped and worn out, giving the walls a messy appearance? Are you tired of the colorless monotony of plain white walls?

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest and cheapest way to reinvent your interiors and give your home a new look. A bold pop of color will transform your living spaces by adding beauty to the walls. It’s wise to put ample thought and research into selecting color palettes for each room. We urge homeowners to dive deep into the psychology of colors to understand the emotional responses they evoke.

For instance, blue is a splendid shade for the living room as it evokes a sense of peace, relaxation, stability, and security. You can explore various shades from the blue family, such as jade, teal, cerulean, and pastel blue. Yellow is a great hue to brighten up the kitchen, transforming it into a creative space that inspires happiness and invigoration.

Red radiates passion and fierceness, making it a great choice to give the master bedroom a romantic aura. You can also experiment with shades of crimson, scarlet, berry, and wine red. Consider creating accent walls if painting the entire room feels like a big, bold leap. You can pair a bright and bold color with pastels and neutrals to create a fabulous accent wall. For instance, paint your accent wall with honey yellow and compliment the other walls with subtle pastel yellow.

Wallpapers are a great alternative to paint for homeowners who seek durability, longevity, and low-maintenance upkeep needs. Wallpapers are making a massive comeback in interior trends this year, and you can experiment with Art Deco-style geometric patterns.

3. Rearranging Furniture & Repurposing Spaces

Homeowners fret excessively about buying new furniture and fixtures while blissfully ignoring their existing belongings. Instead of buying new items or renewing existing furniture, consider rearranging the furniture to transform your interiors. Repurposing the living spaces will give each room a new purpose, creating a delightful sense of newness.

Let’s say you have a garden-facing dining room and a living room that connects with the kitchen. Consider repurposing the dining room as the living room to improve traffic flow and connect the dining space with the kitchen. A dining room adjacent to the kitchen will make entertaining easier, as you won’t have to carry cutlery and dishes far.

This arrangement will also declutter your kitchen as you can shift your expensive china and cutlery to the dining room. A curb-facing living room offers abundant charm as the windows will soak up the sun, brimming the space with daylight. The exterior windows will also allow you to monitor incoming traffic and connect with the neighborhood activity.

The best way to repurpose space is to focus on the most neglected and underutilized areas of your home. For instance, repurpose your garage into a well-appointed home office instead of dumping broken appliances and old furniture. Likewise, the attic can serve as an ambient Zen room, a fitness studio, or a guest bedroom.

You can also utilize spaces in the entryway and around the staircase by adding storage solutions. Creating a daybed and reading nook in the space between the staircase and upper-floor window will encourage reading habits.

Final Thoughts

Investing in new sofa and cushion covers is a brilliant strategy to give your home a new outlook. Feeling bored and tired of the same environment and surroundings is natural. You can spruce up your home by adding new colors, patterns, and textures. Consider scouting the local thrift markets for antiques and vintage finds.

Most homeowners prefer changing the color palettes and patterns every season to reinvent their interiors with seasonal hues. For instance, summer calls for bright, serene colors that radiate heat and create a cool environment. Likewise, winter is a time for bold and rich patterns that absorb heat to maintain coziness.

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