Steps for Establishments to Install Solar Lighting in Their Parking Lots

March 17, 2018

Most businesses are concerned about the safety and security of their patrons and employees. One way to ensure this is by ensuring that their parking lots are safe. Apart from employing security personnel to man the lots, there is need for adequate lighting.

Solar lighting for parking lots is quickly gaining popularity. Apart from being cost-effective, there are no chances of getting disconnected because someone forgot to pay the bill. You have no bills. other related sites could offer you some great information about solar lighting for parking lots.

Need to know

Once you have made the decision to install solar lighting in your parking area, you need to plan for the project. The following steps will guide you along.

  1. The area to be lit

The size of your parking lot is important. You also need to know how many vehicles it holds at full capacity. Then of course, how is your parking lot styled? Do you have a large open space in the front of your premises or does is circumvent the premises? This information is important so that the company you hire for the installation knows what to bring along.

  1. Length of time you need the lights to be in operation

What are your business hours? In other words, the installing company needs to know how long your business runs every day so that the lighting can be programmed for lights on and lights off. If you run an all-nighter, you need to pass on that information. This is for the purpose of effective utilization of power. It is not necessary to have the lights on all the time even though there are no bills to be paid.

  1. Lighting Requirements

The requirements vary from city to city. You must contact the local authorities to find out what the requirements in your city are. Towns that are more metropolitan usually need higher levels of lighting while smaller ones require lower levels.

  1. Communication with your designer

Your lighting designer is a professional who has not only been trained to do this but also has a wealth of experience. You need to discuss your specific requirements with them. They will advise you on the appropriate fixtures, height and location as well as give you a layout.  The layout shows you the end result.

You can also discuss with your designer your budget for the entire project so that you are adequately prepared.

  1. Placement of the poles

Since you have obtained the layout from the designer, you need to ensure that it will fit in properly within the lot. Identify where the poles will be installed; on the edge of the roadway, in between spaces or in medians. Other factors to consider are:

  • Whether the poles need a foundation
  • Whether you will opt for an anchor base or a direct burial pole

A solar powered lighting system will work to your advantage with regard to costing and upholding the call for green energy. Visit sites like that can give you all the information you need.

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