Effects of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

March 17, 2018

When drug or alcohol abuse is involved in a criminal case, it is most likely that a court of law will order the victim to go and get evaluated on alcohol and drugs from a company such as alcohol assessments by New Directions. As a victim, after you decide to take the initiative of seeking treatment for your addiction, an appropriate level of care should be given and necessary measures taken in order to enhance the recovery process.

Before you even think of using any substance or alcohol, it is important that you take your time to study their harmful effects. Some of these effects include:

Alteration of brain performance

Not getting into the science of things, it is important that you understand that your brain is very complex; it is actually the most complex body organ. Any harmful substance that goes to the brain interferes with its proper functioning by altering the chemicals that enable it to work well. Although this organ may seem small, it helps to keep you alive.

When you use drugs, everything about you begins to change since these things that change are controlled by the brain; talk of memory lapses, changes in personality and other physical processes.

Death in the long run

Drug and alcohol abuse may cause physical injuries which you may later succumb to. If at all the injuries don’t kill you, you’re most likely to have an increased risk of death – either through suicide or homicide.

Legal consequences

When talking about legal consequences, you might be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and end up getting your license revoked. If that does not happen, you are still not safe. You may be required to pay a huge amount of money as fine or even worse, be arrested for a DWI.

Furthermore, when you’re addicted to drugs, you face the risk of being unemployed until you get yourself cleaned up. If by any chance you become an employee in a particular organization, many employers require that you submit a document showing that you’ve conducted a random drug test.

Financial challenges

There is no such thing as cheap drugs or alcohol for an addict. As long as you’re using the stuff constantly, it will be quite expensive. I mean, just think about it. You’re spending the better part of your day searching for drugs and thinning your fat pocket to buy them. Abuse of these drugs will also increase your bills. Why so? In case you get caught in the act, you will be required to find a way to pay for arrest warrants or legal counsel. Also, your health insurance rates are most likely to go up.

Health effects

Abuse of drugs and alcohol has several adverse health effects. Some of the health complications that you may face include:

  • Collapsed veins and heart valve infections due to injection of drugs into the body system
  • Increased or decreased heart rate and frequent heart attacks
  • Interference of growth of bones in the body
  • General body weakness
  • Long-term effects like kidney and liver damage

Influence of drugs stirs up thoughts of pleasure, which include engaging in sex. You may not think of engaging in safe sex when you are under the influence of drugs. Thus, you may end up getting sexually transmitted infections

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