Why Does My Brother Printer Show an Offline Error with Windows 11?

August 2, 2023

Brother is a top Japanese company that offers a wide range of electronic gadgets. This company is well-known for manufacturing printers. Brother printers are very reliable and easy to set up. New printers are multifunctional; you can easily use your single device for taking printouts and scanning documents. These devices are compatible with your PCs, MacOS, or even phones. But like other electronic gadgets, you may face some errors while using a Brother printer.

Common causes behind Brother printer offline error

  1. The printer gets a runtime error
  2. The Brother printer is not connected
  3. Your device can’t find the driver
  4. Printer services are not working
  5. You have installed incompatible cartridges
  6. The printhead is not working correctly

Resolving Brother printer offline error issues

Run a printer troubleshooter

If your printer is getting an error due to any runtime error then use a troubleshooter. In Windows, you can use a printer troubleshooter. It is an inbuilt tool that can check and repair all printer files. Go to your device and open the printer troubleshooter. Run the tool and wait. This tool will scan all files for errors and will fix them. After repairing, your printer will start working.

Inspect your Brother printer driver

Many users get offline errors on Brother devices due to the driver. This driver is the connection bridge between the printer and the driver. The computer will only communicate with your PC when it recognizes the driver. On PC, you can use the driver CD to get the driver. But if you can’t use the CD then search for the driver on the Brother printer website. Check the model of your Brother printer and then download the setup. After installing the printer driver, reconnect the Brother printer. Wait until your Brother printer reads the drive. Your printer will show Online status and now you can take the printouts.

Use the reset tool

If you are wondering why Brother printer is offline how to fix then check for settings. You can get offline status after making some changes to the printer settings then use a reset tool. Users sometimes make some changes to the printer setting that cause errors. To fix errors, you have to undo all those recent changes. If you remember the inbuilt settings then undo them manually. But if you don’t remember the previous settings then you can use the Reset tool. Go to your Brother printer and open the Menu. Now tap on the Reset tool and run it. The printer will revert the changes. Again, send the print command to your Brother device and check for errors.

Reconnect your Brother printer

Sometimes, the printer gets an error when the connection is interrupted. This error mainly occurs in wireless Brother printer connections. But you can also get errors in a wired connection. Check the printer cable for any kinks. If the USB cable is damaged then replace it with a new one. Also, you should check the USB port. If the port is loose then use another USB port for the connection. For a wireless connection, you should check the Wi-Fi. Restart Wi-Fi on both devices. Again, add your Brother printer to the PC and then check the error.

Perform a power restart

Offline errors can occur when some printer services get stuck. These services are often stuck when the printer is already busy and you send a new job. The services get stuck and the printer starts showing errors. When the Brother printer is ON, remove the power cord. Now wait for about 5 seconds and reconnect it. The Brother printer will restart and all services will start working. Now go to the PC and send a new print command.

Check the printhead for any damage

Brother printer shows an error if the printhead is not moving correctly. This printhead often gets clogged due to dry ink. You have to clean the printhead of your printer. Go to your printer and check the printhead. If it is clogged then use a cleaning utility tool. Run the printhead cleaning tool about 3-4 times. If you don’t use the utility tool, clean the printhead manually with a lint-free cloth. After cleaning, send a new command and check for errors.

Check for the cartridges

The printer won’t print and show errors if the cartridges are damaged. If you get the offline error after installing a new cartridge then uninstall it. Check the new cartridge for protective clips. Sometimes, the user forgets to remove the protective clips before installing the cartridges. Remove the clips and then reinstall the cartridge. Check all the cartridges for any damage. Sometimes, Brother printers show errors when the user has installed a third-party cartridge. Use only original Brother printer cartridges on your printer. You can also refill the cartridges and take the printouts easily.

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