Six Tips For Artificial Grass Care And Maintenance

August 2, 2023

In recent times, artificial grass has become increasingly popular among homeowners. The major reason for an increasing number of homeowners choosing synthetic turf over natural grass can be attributed to their ability to remain healthy with minimal maintenance.

Maintaining a traditional grass yard involves a significant amount of yard work and maintenance. On top of that, you will need to invest in expensive equipment like a lawn mower, lawn edger, and leaf blower to keep the natural grass in shape. With synthetic grass, all these chores go out of the window.

But this does not mean that your artificial grass is maintenance-free!

You still need to keep an eye on your artificial grass lawn to ensure that it lasts for its entire life span while looking fresh and appealing.

In this article, we will explore some of the essential tips to ensure your artificial grass remain in top condition and retain its vibrant look for a long time.

For Mild Stains

Regardless of how cautious you are, sooner or later, you will spill something on your artificial grass. 

For mild stains like alcohol, urine, blood, coffee, or tea, cleaning is quite simple. You have to:

  • Be prompt. The best way to remove long-lasting stains is to clean up the spill immediately.
  • Absorb the spilled liquid using a towel or a dry absorbent material like kitty litter.
  • To further clean the area, use a mixture of water and a mild household detergent, as it will not harm the artificial grass fibers.
  • For more stubborn stains, you can replace household detergent with a 3% solution of ammonia in water.
  • Make sure to thoroughly rinse it out using clean, cool water.

For Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains such as motor oil, ink, cooking oil, or grease may not respond to household detergents. In such cases, consider using mineral spirits to tackle the stubborn mark.

The cleaning process with mineral spirits is simple: gently rinse the affected area and blot up any excess liquid.

Use The Right Equipment

To maintain your artificial grass regularly, you need to make sure that you have a few essential tools. 

  • A Hose: If you are staying in a region with frequent rainfall, this is not very necessary, but it is still necessary to rinse the grass at your will.
  • A Leaf Blower Or A Lawn Vacuum: You will need to remove the fallen leaves before they get grounded to the artificial grass.
  • A Rake: Using a rake is beneficial for keeping the artificial grass fibers fresh and unflattened. However, it is essential to avoid using rakes with metal bristles to prevent damage to the turf. Opt for rakes with synthetic or plastic bristles instead, as they are much gentler on the artificial turf fibers.

Use Weed Killer

Weeds are very resilient and can emerge even if you are using artificial grass. However, regularly applying weed killers to your lawn can effectively prevent them from surfacing.

Removing Pet Waste

Installing artificial grass is a great option for pet owners as they are pet-friendly. However, to keep your artificial turf clean when you have a furry companion, you can follow these steps:

  • If your pet urinates on synthetic turf, spray your lawn to remove the urine.
  • If there is solid waste, make sure to pick them up daily to avoid stains and odors.

Most of the stains are removable if you are using a good artificial grass product, such as High-quality synthetic lawns by FG Lawns. Still, it is recommended to avoid stains that could damage the turf.

Brush Turf Regularly

You need to brush your turf regularly to maintain its grass-like look. But do not overdo it; you need to do it once or twice a month.

In high-traffic areas, more frequent brushing may be required, whereas low-traffic areas may not need any brushing at all.


If you are someone who exchanged real grass for ease and consistent beauty offered by artificial grass, you need to understand that your artificial turf still needs care and maintenance to last long and look appealing.

Although maintaining artificial grass does require some effort, it is relatively easy compared to the demands of real grass. 

With proper cleaning and embracing these simple practices, you will be able to improve the lifespan of your artificial grass along with enjoying a hassle-free outdoor space.

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