How Pendant Lights Elevate your Bathroom Styling

August 8, 2023

Getting the aesthetic of your bathroom right means combining looks with layout, and focussing on design decisions which make the space feel lighter and brighter without exhibiting a clinical feel.

More often than not, bathrooms are lit by large ceiling lights which shroud the room in a bright light – functional but not very attractive or relaxing. And while the concept of a ceiling light ensures that the light source for your bathroom is out of the way and doesn’t impede on the floorplan or use of space in your bathroom, it does very little for the style of the room.

In this blog, we’re looking specifically at our range of bathroom pendant lights – looking at the practicality and design flair that a cluster set of pendant lights can create, in comparison with a single pendant.

The benefit of pendant lights in a bathroom setting

Pendant lights have become one of the most popular light fittings for modern homes, as they combine aesthetic décor and design with the functional need for light. With fittings made from different materials, installed at different heights, and with a range of different finishes and colours available, pendant lights are a versatile way of connecting your bathroom features with the interior design throughout the rest of your home.

Considerations for installing pendant lights in a bathroom

Safety is always of the utmost concern when installing any kind of light or electrical fitting in a bathroom. In addition to safety, taking the time to think about the effect that moisture will have on the bulb and pendant shade is key, as well as the height at which the light is installed and how invasive it is on the room as a whole.

Many customers opt for cluster lights as these spread the light and help to brighten the space, minimising the risk of dark corners where the light doesn’t reach.

How to select pendant lights for your bathroom

If you’re renovating your bathroom and want to add an elegant and luxurious feel to the space, pendant lights help to bring the light source further down into the room, instantly creating more of a relaxed and peaceful vibe. With homeowners able to select the bulb and coloured fitting which best compliments and enhances the design of their space, this form of lighting is great for softening a clinical bathroom setting and can highlight specific features within the room.

The first thing to do is to identify the amount of space you have, the height of your room, and how the existing light fittings interact in the space alongside the facilities that are plumbed into your bathroom. Your pendant light wants to be as far away from your shower as possible, ideally located so that it illuminates any mirrors you have.

Finally, consider the aesthetic value of juxtaposing materials and finishes – for example, illuminating a darker room with lots of transparent glass, or adding depth to a light and bright bathroom with rich metallic finishes.

Pendant lights make an excellent statement for your bathroom or any other room in the home, provided you take into account the relevant considerations and make sure the vibe matches your home. For more information and to browse our collection, visit our website. 

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