Five Incredible Tips To Tutor Your Kids At Home

June 8, 2020

You love your kid. But are you game to be her teacher?

With the schools closing their gates, you do not have much choice left.

But no worries! As a mother, you were your child’s first teacher. You can definitely do this again. You as a mother, can definitely teach your kids just like their preschool teacher.

You may not be perfect. But you can still manage to achieve your goal if you make sure you do not lose it due to a lack of patience. Here are a few tips that might come in handy when it comes to tutoring your kid at home:

Maintain a schedule

You cannot forego your work in order to tutor your kid, even if you are working from home. But you can definitely take some time if you adjust your schedule. Choose a convenient time slot to tutor your kid every day and make sure you have the required energy at that time. It would be better if you can put your phone on silent mode during this slot.

Set up a place for school work

Like you have a place set up for your home office, you will also need to set up a separate place for school work. It could be a desk in your study, a table in your garage, or even a corner of your dining table. But make sure there is good lighting. Make place for all the stationery and equipment that you need to tutor your kid.

Check out the learning materials

You do not have to know everything as a parent. Remember – you are not elementary math tutors. You will have to do some brushing up before starting to work with your kid. This is why teachers suggest learning material that will help in understanding the lesson more clearly. Some even guide you with the approach that you need to take while teaching the lesson. Make sure you follow all these suggestions and guidelines and refer all the material provided. You can also look for some such material on the internet. There are quite a few to learn math and do some vocabulary test.

Make it like a school day

Your kid staying at home does not exactly mean a holiday. If treated that way, your child might find it very difficult to settle back into the school routine. Make sure she follows the same habits she used to, during her school days – waking up at the same time, following the same bathroom routine, eating the same breakfast at the same time, and even getting dressed for school.

Involve your kid in planning your day

If you are making a time table for your kid, make sure she is involved in planning it out. Ask her suggestions while deciding the order of the lessons. Make sure every activity is timed. If your child is independent enough to do her own activity, you can work on your activity at this time. This way both of you can be productive.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Remember that?

It is important that your kid gets to spend some time outdoors to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Include some physical activities in your schedule. You can even plan some gardening activities that will help your child continue her learning outside the curriculum. Monitor your kid’s progress every day and see what you can do to make it better.

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