The Alternative Couple’s Guide To London

August 9, 2023

Are you bored of the run-of-the-mill romantic destinations and activities? London, often celebrated for its regal heritage, is also a treasure trove for couples seeking a less conventional, more adventurous experience. Here is an alternative guide that dives into the edgier side of the city, ensuring an unforgettable trip.

Sensual Experiences For Adventurous Lovers 

Try A Sensual Couples Massage

Let go of inhibitions and deepen your connection with a couple’s tantric massage. Such experiences are about relaxation and exploring each other’s boundaries and comfort zones in a safe and professional environment. The massage incorporates mindfulness, chakra alignment and body glides to create an experience you will want to revisit again and again. 

Nightlife Beyond the Usual

Torture Garden NightClub

As the world’s largest fetish club, Torture Garden is an eye-opening experience even for the uninitiated. With themed rooms, spectacular performances, and a strict dress code, it offers a night of exploration and excitement.

Secret Speakeasies

Discover London’s hidden bars where the roaring ’20s vibe is still alive. Some of these venues have an edgier adult-only theme, combining exquisite cocktails with an atmosphere of intrigue. Enter via a secret door, through a phone box or via an old public toilet! London’s top-secret cocktail bars are waiting for you. Shaken, not stirred. 

Burlesque Shows

Beyond the traditional theatre, London boasts a vibrant burlesque scene that offers a compelling blend of art, sensuality, and vintage glamour. 

While burlesque is often associated with striptease, it’s much more than just that. Rooted in satire, comedy, and performance art, it serves as a platform for performers to express themselves, challenge societal norms, and celebrate body positivity.

Classic Burlesque –  Think feather boas, glittering costumes, and vintage tunes. It’s an ode to the bygone era where sensuality was blended seamlessly with theatricality.

Neo-Burlesque – A modern take on the traditional form, it often incorporates contemporary music and edgier costumes and may address modern themes or societal commentary.

Remember to Dress the Part – Many venues encourage attendees to dress up. Don that feathered headpiece or a vintage suit, and immerse yourself in the experience. Check out Proud Cabaret or the Cafe De Paris for iconic London Burlesque venues. 

Unique Shopping Experiences

Boutique Adult Shops

Steer clear of the clichéd and delve into sophisticated adult boutiques. These offer a curated selection of luxury items for couples, with knowledgeable staff to guide your choices. Try Coco de Mer for some seriously sexy outfits and seriously high-end adult toys. 

Stay Differently

Themed Hotels

Move over traditional luxury. Opt for hotels with themed rooms or adult-only spas, ensuring privacy and a touch of the unconventional. 

Airbnb Experiences

Dive deeper with hosts that offer unique adult-centric experiences, from intimate cooking classes to private art showings with a sensual twist.


London’s alternative scene promises a myriad of experiences for the daring couple. Whether dipping your toes into a burlesque show or diving headfirst with a sexy massage, this city embraces all shades of passion and adventure. Explore, enjoy, and remember: London’s alternative side is as rich and varied as its history. Safe travels, and most importantly, have fun discovering together.

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