August 24, 2023

The use of the roads is a privilege that belongs to both automobiles and motorcycles. However, if you sustain injuries in a motorcycle accident, you may wonder how motorcycle accidents vary from automobile accidents. You must be aware of a few difficulties and subtleties that might not be present in a conventional vehicle accident case to be successful with your motorcycle accident claim.

Motorcycle accident laws in colorado

Since Colorado is an at-fault state, the individual hurt in a motorcycle accident may legally seek restitution from the entity that caused the accident. Negligence is the criterion for receiving compensation for a motorcycle accident. That implies that a person who negligently causes the collision must make up for the damages suffered by the harmed parties.

According to motorcycle accident lawyers at the, these claims are subject to Colorado’s civil negligence and limitation statutes.

Watch out for bias against motorcycles.

As you may already be aware, some individuals disagree that motorcycle riders should have the right to use the roads. These folks might be unable to decide your case fairly if they are on the jury. You can query the jury’s prejudices before the trial even starts.

Despite the possibility of one or two motorcycle enthusiasts on the panel, most jury members have never ridden a motorcycle. You should define how bikes operate and the accepted riding protocol to make your case to the jury.

You may request the court to excuse someone from jury duty if they claim they cannot be impartial. Additionally, you can dismiss some jurors without having to justify.

Defining severe injuries

A motorcycle collision frequently results in catastrophic injuries. The jury must comprehend how your injuries occurred and how severe they are for you to receive just compensation. You may gather medical evidence and summon doctors to testify to support your compensation claim and explain your injuries.

Why are cars more secure than motorcycles?

A person is at an advantage from the car’s safety features. The driver and passengers are encircled by the vehicle. In a collision, it can absorb impact and safeguard passengers. On the other hand, a motorcycle lacks the built-in safety that a car does. Riders of motorcycles are more likely to be flung from the vehicle in an accident.

How much compensation will you receive for my motorcycle accident?

You will receive compensation for your injuries, property damage, and suffering as part of your motorcycle accident settlement. The severity of your injuries, how clearly the at-fault person was at blame, the insurance coverage limit of the at-fault party, and whether there are any complicated legal concerns all play a part in how much of a motorcycle settlement you receive. A combination of all of these elements, as well as your care in developing your claim, will determine how much money you receive.

A key takeaway

Contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer if you were wounded in a motorbike accident in Colorado is important. They can assist you in comprehending the law’s application to the situation and your alternatives.

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