How To Keep Clean When Bringing Up An Infant

September 4, 2023

Bringing up an infant involves the responsibility of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, particularly within the home. With small children in the house, ensuring a tidy and clean living space becomes essential for their health and safety. You must embark on a true cleaning experience before bringing an infant into their new home.

Keeping your child safe while cleaning

Ensuring the safety of your child while you clean is paramount. There are several measures you can take to maintain a safe environment, it is crucial to prioritise hand hygiene by thoroughly washing your hands between using cleaning products and handling your child, minimising the risk of any harmful substances coming into contact with their delicate skin. 

To ensure your child’s safety while you clean, a playpen can provide a secure space for them to play without coming into contact with harmful cleaning products or wet surfaces. 

Fill the playpen with age-appropriate toys, such as soft toys, books, and puzzles, to keep your child engaged and entertained while you attend to your cleaning tasks. Keplin Group offers a great playpen for your toddler which can be vital to make your cleaning experience go as smoothly as possible.

It is important to note that this method is recommended for toddlers who can play independently for short periods. Regularly check on your child to ensure their well-being and address their needs. 

Cleaning toys and play spaces regularly

Regularly cleaning all toys and child spaces is vital for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your little one. This includes cleaning and sanitising toys, playpens, and soft play mats on a consistent basis. Toys can accumulate dirt, germs, and saliva, so it is important to clean them regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria and potential illnesses. 

Use mild soap and water to wash plastic toys and make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry them before giving them back to your child. Soft toys can be washed in a washing machine or hand washed, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Playpens and soft play mats should be wiped down with a mild disinfectant regularly to keep them free from germs.

Maintain a clean nursery 

When it comes to maintaining a clean nursery, paying attention to proper bedding and crib maintenance is essential. Regularly washing bedding, sheets, and blankets helps to keep them fresh and free from dirt, dust, and allergens that can accumulate over time. It is recommended to follow the washing instructions and use gentle, hypoallergenic detergents suitable for your baby/ infant’s delicate skin. 

Alongside clean bedding, it is important to keep the crib itself clean and sanitised. Wiping down the crib regularly with a mild disinfectant solution can help to eliminate germs and ensure a safe sleeping environment for your little one.

Cleanliness in the rest of the house 

Maintaining cleanliness throughout the rest of your home while caring for your infant can be a manageable task with some practical strategies. Start by establishing a cleaning schedule that allows you to tackle different areas of the house systematically. Prioritise high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. 

Tasks like dusting furniture, cleaning windows, and organizing clutter can contribute to a clean and safe environment. Do not forget about cleaning the carpet, removing dirt, and ensuring a fresh and hygienic living space for your little one too. Utilise non-toxic and baby-safe cleaning products to maintain a healthy home for your child and the entire family.

Promote clean habits

Encouraging proper hand hygiene is an essential aspect of promoting cleanliness and minimising the spread of germs within your home. Teach family members, including yourself, the importance of washing hands before handling your child. Thoroughly washing hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds helps to remove dirt, bacteria, and viruses that may be present. 

Using hand sanitisers effectively can serve as a convenient alternative when handwashing facilities are not readily available. Ensure that your sanitisers contain at least 60% alcohol and cover all surfaces of the hands, rubbing them together until dry. By instilling these practices, you create a hygienic environment that reduces the risk of infections and keeps your baby healthy. 

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